How to Get Loki in Warframe

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

In this game, Loki is considered one of the deadliest War frames. Loki is a favorite to many gamers due to its unique ability to fight opponents. It has enhanced stealth capabilities and can become invisible whenever needed. If you are on a mission that needs unique tactics, then Loki got you sorted. By the end of this article, you will have sufficient knowledge of getting Loki.

Loki Blueprint

Loki blueprint is available in the game store, and it costs around 35,000 credits. Before farming, you will require to have good Loki blueprints. Some Loki blueprints include Orokin Cell, Loki systems, Loki Chassis and Loki Neuroptics.

Loki Systems– a collection of the system blueprint, you have to acquire salvage, plastids, morphic, and module. Once you can collect what is required, you may proceed to the next step.

Loki Neuroptics– to collect this blueprint, you need to find neural sensors, alloy plates, polymer bundles, and Rubedo.

Orokin Cell– To acquire this blueprint, you need to get Nano spores, alloy plate, and salvage.

Loki Chassis– Rubedo, ferrite, and Morphic are required to farm this chassis. Once you have acquired all the blueprints, you can start planting Loki.

How to Farm Loki

You will need to be highly productive in Sedna to farm Loki. Sedna is one of the dwarf planets, and it is one of the popular locations where you can plant Loki. You will meet unfamiliar resources which will be of assistance in farming Loki.

There are also some shared resources, such as salvage and Alloy plates which will also be helpful in farming. Rubedo is one of the rare resources available, vital in Loki farming. After successful farming in Sedna, you will be able to proceed to Phobos, which is a moon on Mars.

In Phobos, you will be able to access rare resources that are vital in farming Loki. Some of the unique resources include plastids and Rubedo.  Control Module, Neural sensors, and polymer bundles are other unique resources found in Neptune. On this planet, you can acquire all the blueprints needed for Loki. Once you have all the blueprints, you can farm the Loki Warframe.

Once you defeat the Hyaena pack, which is found in Psamanthe assassination level, you can acquire some Loki parts. This game mission can be found on the planet, Neptune.

Farming Loki Prime

For you to farm Loki Prime, the following should be fulfilled:

Loki Prime Neuroptics: Drops mainly from Neo E1 and Meso O3

Loki Prime Chassis: Lith O2 and Lith G2 drops are required.

Loki Prime systems: Axi L4 and L1 drops

Loki Blueprints: Axi S2, Meso F3, Neo V8 drops

Loki Prime Chassis:  Lith G2 and )2 drops

Crafting Loki

To craft Loki, the following are the requirements:

Loki Neuroptics

·         Credits x 15,000

·         Polymer bundle x 150

·         Alloy plate x 150

·         Rubedo x 500

·         Neural sensors x 1

Loki Systems

·         Salvage x 500

·         Credits x 15,000

·         Control module x 1

·         Morphic x 1

·         Plastids x 220

Loki Chassis

·         Ferrite x 1,000

·         Rubedo x 300

·         Credits x 15,000

·         Morphic x 1

Loki Blueprint

·         Orokin cell x 1

·         Credits x 25,000

·         Loki Chassis x 1

·         Loki Neuroptics x 1

·         Loki Systems x 1

Loki Abilities


Loki can make himself invisible and attack the enemies without being noticed. This invisibility will enable you to win many missions with ease. The invisibility lasts for a maximum of 12 seconds.

Switch Teleport

Loki can switch positions with an enemy, thus quickly attacking the enemies. This ability can be applied to a maximum range of 75 meters.

Radial disarm

This ability will trigger the enemies to fight among themselves instead of fighting Loki. The enemies will also be disarmed, making it easy for Loki to attack them with ease. The radial disarms a maximum range of 20 meters.


Loki can launch a decoy that will alter the enemies’ focus in the area, thus making it easy to attack the enemies.

Final Thought

With the above tips, it is now easier to get Loki Warframe. Ensure you fully maximize his abilities for you to win many missions. Loki’s unique features provide an upper hand for him to easily defeat his enemies.