Lost Ark Tier List: Best Tiers and Subclasses To Explore

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

If you are starting on the game, you know how much reputation the Lost Ark Tier list gets. For beginners starting would have you select the most robust character on Lost Ark. This is human nature. Still, as any gaming enthusiasts know, the most potent selection is not always the best pick in every situation. 

The Lost Ark tier list comes in handy as they let you explore the best options for each tier level. The end game here is to make it easy for players to master Lost Ark and its characters firmly. Alongside this, it is always enjoyable to play the best, and top-level experience only comes from picking the top in the class.

Today, we have sorted out each Lost Ark tier list available, plus an extra look at the characters. You get to learn more about the different classes in Lost Ark. Let’s get right into it. 

Lost Ark Tier List – PVE Classes

The PvE Tier reveals a variety of tiers with a unique contribution to the Lost Ark game. Here, the tier list includes:

S Tier

Bard, Gunlancer, Gunslinger, Paladin, Berseker

The S or Support tier is your go-to option for that category of Lost Ark characters with a supportive or defensive contribution to the team. Still, defense is not what the S-tier characters only bring, as they also offer a ton of versatility.

For instance, the Paladin is a class acting as a support unit and a DPS. The Paladin is also tanky with different party buffs in place. The Bard also works as a convenient option if you are looking for the best possible payoff. These characters(Bards) work hand-in-hand to support the rest of your teammates. 

A Tier

Berseker, Artillerist, Striker, Deathblade, Sorceress

The A tier lets you get the best power out of characters inside this level. Inside, each selection allows you to undertake missions and challenge opponents in the PVE content with equal power levels among the options. Your choice can excel in the PVE content since you easily get value from these characters even with little effort. 

An excellent example of an A-tier nature selection is the Berseker, a mighty warrior class with top-level damage and plenty of depth. You can also opt for the Sorceress, who has plenty of in-game AOE plus single target damage. You can also select character classes for other super effective options, such as the Artillerist, Striker, Scrapper, or even the Wardancer. 

B Tier

Soulfist, Sharpshooter, Scrapper, Shadowhunter

The B tier classes feature selections equally powerful as other options in different tier classes. However, the characters in this tier need extra effort to unlock and get the most value during game time. 

For instance, the Soulfist is popularly known for its Spirit Bomb. Such an iconic character and ability does the most damage but needs time to prime and has a distinct playstyle. The Sharpshooter is also a class act hell-bent on unleashing damage in the traditional sniper way.

C Tier

DeadEye, Wardancer

The C-tier subclasses offer the most robust option in your lobby for pure elemental damage, rapid attacks, and war-like gameplay. Experienced players will enjoy this tier class for its exceptional characters displaying power and skill. 

Players can opt for the Wardancer, the female Martial Artist fighter with elemental damage alongside her rapid punches and strikes. If not, the Deadeye can do a great job of long-range damage thanks to its hand cannon. 

Lost Ark Tier List -PvP Classes

The PvP tier list classes’ criteria present an array of characters with essential skills for PvP fights. These skill traits include extra super armor, mobility, crowd control, and immunity. Among these tier levels with subclasses include:

S Tier

Deathblade, Gunslinger, Paladin, Bard 

The subclasses in the S-tier are the best selections for beginners looking for easy options to grasp and achieve results or gaming experience in three vs. three scenarios. Among the best subclasses here is the Deathblade character, one of the most straightforward characters to work in all situations. You are guaranteed an effective attack plus defense with tons of protection, next-level fight skills, and burst damage. 

A Tier

Shadowhunter, Arcanist, Deadeye, Gunlancer, Sorceress

The A tier classes work similarly to the S tier classes but slightly vary. For the A-tier options, it is harder to get results of the value of the classes’ characters. Additionally, exploitable weaknesses may call for team builds and effort around the classes. Still, the class options are well-rounded, with excellent chances to mitigate. 

For starters, there is Gunlancer, which offers tanky support to protect and defend the team. The infinite superior armor with the Gunlancer makes them less susceptible to damage when engaging. Not forgetting, you can also compliment your team with the Shadowhunter, which features high mobility alongside the high-level damage combos. 

B Tier

Wardancer, Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Striker

The B-tier classes are all about unleashing danger to opponents while also impressing enemies during one-on-one fights. For such a tier, the classes are equally up to expectation with options such as the Wardancer and Artillerist, both unique support characters with damage buffs in PvP. We also have the Striker for special aerial abilities and attacks in close combat with enemies. 

C Tier

Scrapper, Soulfist

The C tier classes are the bottom-end options of Lost Ark’s PvP fights. While each class is powerful on its own, the characters lack the necessary energy, power, or skill levels to match other top-level PvP characters. Still, new classes are launched to overcome this, with the entrant being the Destroyer alongside the Arcanist. The past best subclasses are still dominant and relevant in PvP encounters. Among the leading subclass options in this C tier list include the Scrapper and Soulfist. Both options are bottom tier, with the possibilities only best at melee combat.

Wrapping Up

With the Lost Ark tier lists and subclasses now common knowledge, you can easily make the best character pick for your playstyle and fight. The subclasses offer you a wide variety of characters to choose from and enjoy your Lost Ark gaming experience. So, go out, pick a subclass accordingly and enjoy your Lost Ark gaming.