Lost Ark Tier List: Best Tiers and Subclasses To Explore

If you are starting on the game, you know how much reputation the Lost Ark Tier list gets. For beginners starting would have you select the most robust character on Lost Ark. This is human nature. Still, as any gaming enthusiasts know, the most potent selection is not always the best pick in every situation.  … Read more

Lost Ark: Sorceress Build and Guide

The Sorceress is an amusing class in Lost Ark. It may seem easy to master but being a senior mage class makes the game challenging. The Sorceress uses fire, lightning, and ice for a breakthrough. You need good engravings and outstanding skills to execute maximum damage on the enemies. Sorceress’s skills are aggressive and sweep … Read more

Lost Ark Gunslinger PvE Guide: Stats, Skills, And Builds

Welcome to our Lost Ark PvE Gunslinger guide! I’m going to give you my recommendation for the optimal builds, but they are not set in stone. You should always try and customize your build to your particular playstyle and comfort. Some skills can be replaced by other situational skills. Gunslinger is one of the Gunner … Read more