Lost Ark: Sorceress Build and Guide

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

The Sorceress is an amusing class in Lost Ark. It may seem easy to master but being a senior mage class makes the game challenging. The Sorceress uses fire, lightning, and ice for a breakthrough. You need good engravings and outstanding skills to execute maximum damage on the enemies.

Sorceress’s skills are aggressive and sweep opponents off the arena. However, some spells weaken the enemy and act as protective barriers. You will make good use of your current loadouts and use skill points only on important skills. Alternatively, you can unlock more load-outs by making use of premium currency.

Although the Sorceress focuses on area abilities, she is not strong. Her damage in groups is stronger because of the area attacks. The Sorceress helps you to weaken opponents by electrifying and turning them immobile.

Playing the Class

To conquer the Sorceress well, you must maneuver her Area of Effect (AoE) skills property. She can damage and eliminate groups easily, so you should:

  •  Keep going
  •  Ambush enemies from far.
  •  Bring your enemies together and tear them down using your AoE skills.
  •  Using your teleport, evade the opponents’ attacks.

What the Class Identity Does

The Sorceress possesses two Identity Skills. When the Mysterious Magic Meter is full, you make use of these Identity Skills:

  1. Arcane Rupture- By pressing button Z, you trigger a buff which reduces your cast time by half. It also raises your damage by up to 10% and lowers the cooldowns.
  2. Blink: This is a teleport spell that you can use when the Mysterious Magic Meter reaches 30%. By pressing button X, it will give you a 15m teleport towards the mouse.

The most important attributes of the sorceress are:

  1. Swiftness: Increased swiftness translates to a low cooldown on skills. This means there is more Damage Per Second (DPS)
  2. Critical Hit: This helps to heighten the Sorceress’ damage.

Best Lost Ark Sorceress Build

This Sorceress Build gives you a combination of AoE spells and skills. The tripods allow you to improve your skills. It covers different spells and tripods as follows:

1. Blaze

Blaze causes fire damage to enemies and drives them far from you. It has three tripods:

  • Damage amplification- This increases damage to the enemies.
  • Flame expansion- It broadens the fire to reach more targets.
  • Weak point detection.

In case you are presented with more challenging monsters, use Undying Flames in place of Weak Point Destruction to increase the damage.

2. Esoteric Reaction

It works by creating a crystal that increases in size and then explodes, causing damage. The tripods here are:

  • Enhanced Strike
  • The Quick Prep
  • Shockwave

These tripods decrease the spell’s cooldown duration and raise the damage by 50%. Enhanced Strike increases critical damage by up to 100%.

3. Doomsday

Doomsday uses a deadly meteor to eliminate monsters, knock them down and destroy the strong ones. To enhance Doomsday, use these tripods:

  • Insight 
  • Overheated Meteor
  • Magic Amplification

This combination enables you to broaden your area of attack, causing more damage.

4. Frost’s Call 

It uses icicles to damage opponents severely and immobilize them. To make Frost’s Call more effective, use it with these tripods:

  • Enlightenment
  • Insight
  • Enhanced Strike. 

You will increase the damage and widen the AoE area.

5. Rime Arrow

By using arrows, this spell causes damage to a rectangular space. For the tripods, use:

  • Enlightenment
  • Piercing Strike 
  • Ice Pick

The tripods will give you more arcane energy and cause 50% extra damage to enemies. They give you more arcane energy and weaken the enemy’s defense. If you are faced with more challenges, infuse skill points towards Ice Shower.

6. Explosion

Using a fireball eliminates all opponents lined up against you. To increase damage, use these tripods:

  • Ignite
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Magic Amplification 

7. Seraphic Hall

Seraphic Hall uses a wave to push opponents away while causing them damage. To increase its performance, use:

  • Enlightenment
  • Evolved Hail
  • Weak Point Detection

With these tripods, you will raise your magic meter and increase the damage to enemies.

8. Punishing Strike

It uses lightning to cause damage to enemies and make them stagger. The combination of these tripods will improve Punishing Strike’s AoE and increase damage on enemies:

  • Wide Angle Attack Destruction
  • Magic Amplification. 

9. Ice Shower 

The ice shower hits the ground with frost, causing damage. Be sure to be far away from your enemy before the thorns emerge. For this spell, use these tripods:

  • Enlightenment
  • Hand Strike
  •  Frost Zone- Creates thorns in the AOE, thus raising the damage.

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build For PvE

In PvE, you have several skills at your disposal. The spells here are modified to hit enemies on a large scale, hence giving you time to breathe.

1. Lightning Bolt

After a short cast, a lightning bolt falls, inflicting damage to enemies in a big AoE while making them stagger. For tripods, use:

  • Damage Area
  • Energized
  • Arcane Secret.

Since you aim to cause damage in a large area, these three tripods work by ensuring you cover broader surfaces.

2. Meteorite

Equipped with a long cast and cooldown duration, the Meteorite causes more damage than all Sorceress’s abilities. Once the spell is cast, a big meteorite crashes down and breaks enemies. The Meteorite is not a leveling spell but it’s necessary for any PvE Build. Since the AoE can’t be widened, your aim here is to improve damages.  For tripods, use:

  • Burn
  • Asteroid
  • Arcane Secret. 

3. Flame of llfirion

Although it doesn’t cause damage like Lightning Bolt and Meteorite, Flame of llfirion is perfect when handling AoE damage. However, it takes time to take effect after it’s cast. It’s a good spell for causing AoE damage because it summons fire shoots from the ground, causing damage to all opponents within the area.

For tripods, use:

  • Burn
  • Hot Coals
  • Swift Flame. 

These tripods possess the ability to increase damage and hit moving enemies.

4. Alloy Elements

It works by transforming the spell and creating a crystal that explodes. The AoE radius is decreased but damages are increased. For improved damage, use these tripods: 

  • Quickly Prepare
  • Reinforced Formula
  • Perfect Crystal.

With these three tripods, you can put a bomb on your targeted area. After a few seconds, the bomb will explode causing destruction. The Alloy Elements should be an optional choice for leveling because you’ll need many points to unlock it.

 5. Icicles

Icicles don’t have a cast timer so they take time to hit the ground. For the tripods, use:

  • Quickly Prepare
  • Through Wounds
  • Ice Needles. 

6. Freezing Rain

Just like Alloy Elements, using tripods transforms the ability of this spell. Use:

  • Chills
  • Ice Ball
  • Mighty Element

Ice Balls create an instant cast and provide the Sorceress with a bomb that explodes within seconds. Chills work by slowing down attacks from enemies, thus helping you reposition.

7. Breath of Undat

This helps you use a wave to damage enemies in a straight line and push them back. Use these tripods:

  • Quickly Prepare
  • Tsunami
  • Spit Flame. 

8. Wall of Fire

With an instant spell cast tripod, fire arises in a straight line, causing damage and leaving flames that will continue to destroy enemies. Use the Fire tripod to expand the AoE after a cast. This will cause more fire and increased damage. For a PvE build, many players only use these two tripods. However, you can add Unquenchable Flame to increase damage.

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build: PvP Build

Unlike the PvE ones, PvP builds cause damage to one enemy at a time. These spells are similar to the PVE build and work the same way:

  1. Lightning Bolt
  2. Wall of Fire
  3. Freezing Rain
  4. Meteorite
  5. Alloy Elements
  6. Hail of Icicles

However, the additional spells are:

1. Fireball

The Fireball possesses high damage abilities. It’s the strongest spell that Sorceress can use. Once the spell is cast, a fire hits the targeted area. When it hits the ground, it explodes causing damage in an AoE. It not only causes damage to the targeted area, but it also pushes enemies away from the Sorceress. For tripods, use:

  • Burn
  • Find Weakness
  • Arcane Secret.

These three tripods will increase the damage of the fireball. Although the fireball travels slowly, it causes greater damage when handling a primary target.

2. Vortex Gust

Vortex Gust is the only spell that counters attacks from enemies. Although it’s not strong, it’s necessary for a PvP build. For this spell, use the Quickly Prepare tripod but you can change depending on the challenges you encounter.

The Best Engravings for the Sorceress in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you unlock engravings as you advance. These engravings enable you to specialize by using bonuses, skills, and character stats. You can get engravings as rewards upon completion of endgame activities like Chaos and Abyss dungeons. The higher you level up, the more you unlock these. Reflux and Igniter are the best engravings for Sorceress in Lost Ark.


The igniter improves the Sorceress’s ability every time the Arcane Rupture skill is operational. It decreases the cooldown time by -50% and increases the Crit damage by 50%.


The reflux stops you from using the Arcane Rupture. This raises the Sorceress’s damage by 16% and lowers cooldown duration for immobile skills by -10%.

You have to choose an engraving according to your preferences. Reflux’s benefit is that it is simple to use. Ignite enables the Sorceress to increase her power for both the PvE and PvP builds. Stopping identity skills when using Reflux is not a smart move. However, you can opt for Reflux if you rarely use your identity skills. 

Most players choose Igniter because it lets you access Arcane Rupture and Magic Enhanced. Your goal for Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build should be getting the Igniter engraving to level three. This way, you will maximize the cooldown crit rate. 

The Best Normal Engravings for Sorceress in Lost Ark

  1. Grudge: This works by raising your damage towards bosses and extraordinary monsters. 
  2. Master of Strikes: Raises damages that do not come from an ambush or frontal attack.
  3. Cursed Doll: Although it increases your damage, it lowers your recovery.
  4. Spirit Absorption: It accelerates your mobility and increases attack.

The Sorceress Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

You can unlock your awakening skills once you get to level 50 and complete the required questline. There are two skills you can unlock here but you can only use one at a time. However, you can switch them whenever you want.

1. Apocalypse Call

It makes deadly meteors fall in different patterns. The meteors are deadly and fall for 18 seconds within a radius of 18 meters. They cause fire damage, thus knocking down opponents within a 6 meter AoE.

2. Enviska’s Might

The Sorceress covers herself in an arch-shaped magical power that causes lightning damage to nearby opponents. The arch pulls enemies and damages them. Finally, the arch will explode causing more damage.

Although both skills are strong, Enviska’s might work best with PvP build while Apocalypse is a better choice for PvE.

Playstyle Tips

Mastering the Sorceress takes practice and time because of the varying spells and cast time differences. Your initial goal is to apply your damage amplifier through the Wall of Fire tripod. This way, you will maximize DPS by using other abilities like Fireball. To pull your enemies to one spot, always consider using a more powerful ability. 

It’s important to remember that increased damage from Magic Discharge occurs when the spell gets to the enemy. When casting a spell and the Arcane bar ends, the damage will not be amplified.

You will conquer not because of the severity of your spells but also due to your ability in disrupting the target’s tactics. While frost spells help in controlling crowd attacks, fire spells break armor and the lightning ones cause a staggering effect. To avoid being stuck, take advantage of your movement skills.

In case you keep dying, consider adding points to Swiftness to increase the Sorceress’s speed and attack. Your goal is to keep the damage amplifier up. As long as your arcane bar is full, use your skills on cooldown.