How To Get Saryn in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Any Warframe enthusiast would agree that the Saryn Warframe is a sure winner for offensive and defensive plays. For starters, nothing is better than a Warframe character that can attack and defend teammates against many foes. The Saryn Waframe attacks large enemy crowds through her toxic spores that unleash and spread a death malady against opponents.

At the same time, you can count on the Saryn to defend allies again through her contagious spores causing horrific decay. Here, the Saryn draws in the enemy through her deceptive husks, and once close, she exhales the deadly decaying viruses. The queen of malady can finish up your foes through her toxic touch and unleashes an equally horrific lethal venom against her foes.

Such effortless capabilities against enemies make the Saryn quite popular and a character not to miss having in Warframe. Most would be asking, “How do you get Saryn in Warframe?” Today, we get to answer this question and more about the Saryn blueprints, farming, and components. Let’s get right in then.

How Do You Get Saryn in Warframe

To get the Saryn Warframe needs, you first get Saryn’s primary blueprint. This blueprint is available through a purchase from the Warframe market for 35,000 Credits. However, the Saryn’s component blueprints are available for farming through the Kela De Thaym fight quest on Merrow, Sedna.

The Kela De Thaym Mission

The Kela De Thaym mission helps you succeed in farming the component blueprints through fights and successful kills. The quest sets you up in the Kela De Thaym fight inside a unique arena divided into several sections. The first task will need you to stand on the glowing arena section while simultaneously shooting green lights hidden on the walls around. Once each green light is successfully hit, you are set to proceed to the next step.

Your next part is the actual boss fight, where you encounter and fight Kel De Thaym. The arena beneath you rises to another arena to start the battle against Kela De Thaym.You always have to give it your best when up against such an opponent since you have to be sure she takes damage.

Once Kela takes enough fight damage, she retreats behind a protective glass panel to defend herself. While behind the glass shields, she calls for orbital strikes from her minions. You will have to protect your Warframe from these aerial attacks while reviewing whatever allies you have along with this mission.

After a while, the orbital strikes will stop, and Kela comes back out for another fight phase. You should expect the battle to continue until she dies off from your attacks.

With the Kela De Thaym dead, you can now extract and collect the components for your Saryn build. These components form blueprints, each made by combining the following resources:

Saryn Chassis

The blueprint in this category requires 15,000 Credits, 1000 Ferrite, 50 Rubedo, and 1 Morphic to craft the components.

Saryn Neuroptics

You can build the Neuroptics blueprint using the following resources; 15,000 Credits, 150 Circuits, 300 Polymer Bundle, 400 Salvage, and 1 Neural Sensor.

Saryn Systems

You can also get the Systems blueprints by compiling resources, including 15,000 Credits, 550 Salvage, 350 Plastids, 1 Control Module, and 1 Morphic.

Remember that Saryn’s primary blueprint is only available for sale through the Warframe market. Alongside the credits, the Saryn’s main blueprint also requires resources such as 25,000 Credits and an Orokin Cell.

After purchasing it, you can combine it with the rest of the components of the blueprint and craft your Warframe. Each part takes a 12-hour duration for each build, whereas the complete Warframe build will take 72 hours.

How Hard Is It To Get Saryn in Warframe?

Your chances of attaining the Saryn Warframe are better than acquiring other characters. First, the chance of successful farming for the blueprint components is higher than in other Warframe blueprint farming. For instance, the Kela De Thaym quest gives the following possibilities for succeeding:

  • Chassis blueprint 38.72%
  • Neuroleptic blueprint 38.72%
  • Systems blueprint 22.56%

The only downside is the Saryn price for its primary blueprint alongside the necessary components.

Wrapping up

With knowledge of getting Saryn in Warframe, you are sure to be adding a valuable member to your Warframe team. Her Steel fiber, vitality, and Spore Decay mods will add strength to your team while also helping inflict more damage.