How to Get Zephyr in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

The Zephyr Warframe has always been a graceful yet deadly pick for any Warframe enthusiast in all her elements. She is agile, light-footed, and comes with excellent damage output from her tornado capabilities. What’s more, is the Zephyr’s ability to become a flexible sky terror to terrorize and deliver swift incapacitation of opponents’ Warframes.

So, with all these capabilities and reputation, most Warframe players would love to get their hands on the Zephyr. Indeed, the Zephyr Warframe is quite popular and among the easiest Warframe characters to build for free. As it stands, not all players know the laydown on how to get Zephyr Warframe.

Today, we explore the acquisition process to get the beautiful yet deadly Zephyr. Let’s get right into it.

How to Get Zephyr in Warframe For Free

Getting a free Zephyr build will have to begin by creating or joining a clan to get the Zephyr blueprints.

How to Join a Warframe Clan

Warframe clans come out as a community of players coming together to play or compete within the game. Each player can join a clan by getting an invite from a clan rep in the chat or creating a new clan from scratch. You can create your clan through the Communication option in your dropdown menu. All it takes is to select “Clan,” head over to “Start Your Own Clan,” name it and click for set up.

Once inside a clan, you get to build your Dojo key in the Clan’s Foundry before accessing the Clan Dojo. Inside each clan Dojo, the research costs for building new equipment and weapons may vary depending on the Clan size. Most importantly, the Dojo houses the clan’s essential resources for its Tenno. Additionally, the Dojo’s Research Labs are the main source of each clan’s new weapons, gears, upgrades, Waframes, and even the Trading Post.

Therefore, a small clan has fewer Research Lab resources for in-game weapons or equipment. The current clan sizes include the following tiers:

  • Moon Clan – 1000 members
  • Mountain Clan – 300 members
  • Storm Clan – 100 members
  • Shadow Clan – 30 members
  • Ghost Clan – 10 members

After successfully becoming a clan member, you can now proceed to get your Zephyr blueprints from the Clan Dojo.

Inside the Dojo, you can visit the Tenno Lab and purchase all the Zephyr blueprints you need for Warframe credits. Currently, the Zephyr blueprints available include:

Systems blueprint

The system blueprint requires 15,000 credits, 1 Control Module, 200 Oxium, 500 Polymer bundles, and 4000 Plastids to unlock it in your Foundry.

Neuroleptics blueprint

Likewise, for 15,000 Credits, you can get the Zephyr Neuroptics Blueprint. You can also include 150 Circuits, 200 Oxium, 200 Polymer bundles, plus 500 Salvage to unlock more of this blueprint inside the Foundry.

Chassis blueprint

With 15,000 Credits, you can unlock the Zephyr Chassis blueprint and rebuild the Warframe into a better character. You may also need 200 Oxium, 50 Rubedo, and 9000 Nano Spores alongside the credits.

Main blueprint

The main Zephyr Blueprint needs you to accumulate 35,000 Credits to unlock and craft your Warframe version in your Foundry. In addition, the Main blueprint requires players to combine a Mutagen Mass, Detonate, Injector, Fieldron, and 200x Oxium.

Each blueprint element features a 12-hour build-time with the option to build all the components simultaneously. After each component is constructed, you can proceed to conjoin them with the main Zephyr blueprint to finish up the Warframe. Your Zephyr build-time is expected to be 72 hours, although you can bypass this build time by purchasing time-off with Warframe’s Platinum currency.

Getting Your Zephyr Farm Materials

A majority of the Zephyr blueprints elements can be farmed through playing Warframe missions or getting the components as rewards for in-game bounties. In particular, the Zephyr materials are available through farming nodes of Warframe’s different planets for the specific resources. Here are the planets to farm the different Zephyr materials for your blueprints collections.

Ferrite- Mercury, Earth, Orokin Void, Neptune

Nano Spores- Neptune, Saturn, Eris, Deimos

Rubedo – Earth, Sedna, Pluto, Europa, Phobos, Orokin Void

Salvage- Jupiter, Mars, Sedna

Circuits- Ceres, Venus

Polymer Bundle- Mercury, Uranus, Venus

Plastids- Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Phobos, Eris

Orokin Cell- Saturn, Derelict, Ceres

Morphic- Mercury, Europa, Mars, Pluto, Phobos

Control Module- Europa, Neptune, Orokin Void

Neural Sensors- Jupiter, Kuva Fortress

While other blueprint materials can be farmed, the Oxium only comes from destroying a specific enemy, particularly the Oxium Osprey. You will have to target, fight and destroy the Osprey so it can produce the Oxium.


As you can tell, getting the Zephyr Warframe should not be a hassle. All it takes is to join a clan, access the Dojo, and get your blueprint requirements. So, farm your resources, build your blueprints and get your Zephyr Warframe up and fighting.