How To Get Volt in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Volt is a Warframe popular among new players due to its excellent speed, agility, and versatility. The prime Volt version is one of the powerful Warframes in the game; however, you need advanced farming to acquire it. Volt abilities are usually geared towards conducting specific damage and specific effectiveness against corpus enemies. The electric and shock shield makes it stand out in the game. With the right knowledge and tips, it will be a walk in the park when farming this Warframe.

How To Acquire Volt 

Volt is one of the easiest Warframes you can acquire in the game. You will have to gain entrance to a clan Dojo. Once you are part of the clan, you should only visit the Tenno lab, where you will buy all the blueprints needed to build this Warframe. You will require 15,000 credits to build the chassis blueprints, 35,000 credits for the main blueprint, 15,000 for the systems blueprint, and 15,000 for the neuroptics blueprint. 

Joining a clan

A clan is made up of several players who come together and work towards succeeding in different missions and enjoying the game. Clans have a dojo in which members can construct rooms to match their styles and needs. Trading posts and research labs to access new gear, weapons and Warframes are the important aspects of Dojo.

You need to have an invite from clan representatives to join a clan. You can also go into the recruiting channel, which is found in the in-game chat, and request to join a particular clan. By going to the communication menu and selecting the start clan command, you can easily formulate your clan and name it. You need to acquire the Dojo key before accessing clan Dojo, and you will automatically acquire a blueprint for the key after accepting the invite.

There are different clan tiers depending on their size, which include:

·         Moon clan-1000 members

·         Mountain clan-300 members

·         Storm clan-100 members

·         Shadow clan- 30 members

·         Ghost clan-10 members.

Larger clans do have more advanced resources and equipment in their research labs than smaller clans.

How to craft Volt

You need the following when undertaking the crafting exercise.

Volt Neuroptics

·         150 Alloy plate

·         1 Neural sensor

·         500 Rubedo

·         15,000 credits

·         150 Polymer bundle

Volt Chassis

·         15,000 credits

·         300 Rubedo

·         1,000 Ferrite

·         1 Morphic

Volt Blueprint

·         25,000 credits

·         1 Orokin cell

·         1 Volt system

·         1 Volt chassis

·         1 Volt Neuroptics

Volt Systems

·         15,000 credits

·         1 Control Module

·         500 Salvage

·         220 Plastids

·         1 Morphic

Volt Resources Locations

·         Plastids- found on Uranus, Venus, and Mercury

·         Orokin Cell-found on Void

·         Morphic- found on Pluto, Mars, Mercury, and Europa

·         Alloy plate- found on Jupiter, Pluto, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, or Pluto

·         Ferrite- found on Void, Neptune, Mercury, and Earth

·         Polymer bundle- found on Uranus, Venus, and Mercury

·         Rubedo- found on Sedna, Void, Earth, Europa, and pluto

·         Control Module- Found on Void, Neptune, and Europa

·         Salvage- found on Sedna, Mars, and Jupiter

Volt Abilities

Electric Shield

It is a great ability useful in teams for survival. The shield is able to absorb oncoming fires from the enemy. The electric shield can last for a duration of 25 seconds.


This ability hastens Volt’s movement and that of his allies. It can last for ten seconds and has a range of 25 meters. Speed ability can also be boosted by the ability strength mods, and you can rush through missions within a short duration, thus conquering many enemies.


The ability disperses shock to nearby enemies and stuns them. The shock effect can be felt by an enemy within a range of 15 meters. The shock ability is suitable for use in any mission.


The ability usually causes electric damage to close enemies and also causes shock to them. The discharge aptitude can last for a duration of six seconds, and it has a range of 20 meters.

Final Thought

The Volt is one of the best Warframes to use in the game, and it is very suitable for both new and experienced players. Ensure that you utilize all the abilities of this Warframe to defeat your enemies. Before acquiring this Warframe, join a clan of your choice and start acquiring the blueprints as soon as possible.