Vox Solaris Syndicate – Ranks, How To Rank Up & Rewards

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

The Vox Solaris (Syndicate) is one of the many factions in Warframe where players can earn Standing for unique rewards and items. 

By definition, Vox Solaris is a secret operation, known only to the leaders of the Solaris United, has a known connection to The Quills, and is run by a group of mercenaries of the same name. They are in charge of coordinating and orchestrating the anti-Corpus resistance of the larger SU, and in particular, they plan Tenno Heists in order to bring down the monstrous Profit-Taker Orb and Exploiter Orbs that roam the Orb Vallis.

To gain full access to this faction, you must first finish the Vox Solaris questline as well as The War Within story questline. You will also need to be rank Old Mate in Solaris United so that you will trigger Eudico’s heists against the Orbs and gain the ability to trade and interact with Little Duck but only during Operator mode.

Vox Solaris Syndicate Ranks

Similar to other factions, groups, and syndicates, the Vox Solaris has designated ranks where players can grind Standing—or in other terms, rank points—in order to climb the ladder. The more Standing you have, the higher the rank you get, and the higher the rank you are, the more rewards and quests will be unlocked for you. Pretty simple concept to follow, however, getting there isn’t as simple as you might think. 

To begin, there are several methods for obtaining Standing. The simplest method is to collect Toroids dropped by monsters and enemies in Orb Vallis’ Spaceport, Enrichment Labs, or Temple of Profit, as well as Toroids dropped by Raknoids or looted within particular Orb Vallis caverns, and then trade them to Little Duck for Standing.

The other way is to rank up as ranking up gives you access to exclusive quests and Heists that you can access through other Syndicates or NPCs that will reward you with either Standing or Toroids. 

Here is a handy table to guide the Vox Solaris Syndicate ranks with their respective rewards and benefits.

Rank and Rewards

Rank & TitleItems to GivePerksStanding (Minimum to Maximum)
Shadow3x Repeller Systems
3x Crisma Toroid
1,000,000 Credits 99,000 Standing
Gain access to tier five wares 1x free Rank 5 item New friendlier greeting dialogue for Little Duck0 to 132,000
Instrument3x Repeller Systems
5x Sola Toroid
500,000 Credits 70,000 Standing
Gain access to tier four wares 1x Rank 4 item0 to 99,000
Hand5x Atmo Systems
5x Calda Toroid
250,000 Credits
44,000 Standing
Gain access to tier three wares 1x Rank 3 item0 to 70,000
Agent8x Gyromag Systems 5x Vega Toroid
100,000 Credits
22,000 Standing
Gain full access to tier two wares 1x Rank 2 item0 to 44,000
Operative1x Calda Toroid
1x Vega Toroid
1x Sola Toroid
50,000 Credits
5,000 Standing
Gain full access to tier one wares 1x Rank 1 item0 to 22,000
NeutralAbility to turn in Toroids for Standing0 to 5,000

As you can see, every time you rank up, you gain perks and abilities that isn’t available in prior ranks. You also get rewards such as specific tier and rank wares and even a getting a friendly greeting for Little Duck that unlocks new dialogue with her. 

However, the hardest part of ranking up is the grind for Standing as you will need a ton to turn in for each rank up. With Bounty Heists being a thing though, you shouldn’t be stuck with only one or two methods of getting Standing. 


Rising through the ranks of Vox Solaris isn’t particularly difficult, but it does require a significant amount of grinding through the material, particularly the heist missions.

The best practice to remember is to maintain enough Toroids on hand so that you can trade exactly the right amount of Toroids to meet your daily cap.

Aside from that, rushing through the content can get tedious after a time. If you get tired of it, feel free to take a break for a few days and explore other quests and places in Warframe before grinding for Standing again.

Are you going to start your grind for Vox Solaris Syndicate ranks? Let us know in the comments below!