How To Get Growing Power – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Growing Power is an aura mod that enhances your Warframe’s Ability Strength briefly after inflicting a Status Effect on enemies with weapons. It acts and functions the same as other aura mods in the game like Corrosive Projection and can stack additively with other Ability Strength mods you and your squad may have equipped. It also stacks with other Growing Power aura mods from your squad, but this will not increase the mod’s duration in any way.

Often used with Warframes with builds that heavily rely on Ability Strength and have great CC, Growing Power is a worthwhile mod that can greatly increase the damage you do with your skills. This mod works great in conjunction with Warframes like Mesa and Octavia who have game-defying abilities such as Peacemaker and Mallet respectively. With Growing Power, you can expect to deal even more damage and AoE oneshot mobs with these already strong abilities in the first place.

It’s worth noting that Growing Power will NOT activate unless you inflict a Status Effect onto an enemy with your weapon, so it’s essential that you have a weapon with a Status Effect on it so that you can get the most use of this very powerful mod during runs.

Growing Power Mod Stats

Below are the stats that Growing Power gives to your Warframe per rank. 

Growing Power RankBonus Ability StrengthMod DurationMod Capacity

How to Farm and Get Growing Power 

Farming for Growing Power seems straightforward and easy until you realize that its grind heavily relies on RNG. As a heads up, if you’re someone who despises RNG and drop rates in this game, you’re better off farming other mods and items first before getting this one. 

In the simplest terms, you can get Growing Power as a drop by the Knave Specter boss who you can go to and fight after using a Nightfall Apothic on a Silver Grove shrine. You can get a Nightfall Apothic through blueprints in The Silver Grove questline. 

All of these are easy until we arrive at the drop rate of Growing Power from the Knave Specter which is a measly 6.06% chance, making it difficult mod to farm. However, the Knave Specter boss is a relatively easy boss to take down even without decent gear or a squad with you. 

On average, killing the Knave Specter should only take less than 5 minutes as it is very squishy. You do however have to watch out for its melee attacks as it can guarantee a stun lock and be lethal if it lands one on you. Hence, keep some distance when fighting it, or better yet, equip a ranged Warframe/weapon to eliminate chances of getting stun locked to death by the Knave Specter. It also spawns clones around him to confuse you or your squad, but you can attack them to redirect some damage back to the main Knave Specter.

One tip that you might want to stick with is killing the Knave Specter with a squad as it drops more items when more players participate in slaying it. Although it won’t enhance your chances of getting Growing Power, it does drop good items and resources like a Pistol Amp (51.52%) and Blind Justice (36.36%) with relatively high drop chances. Doing Knave Specter runs with squads will also help against the Specter’s stun locks as your squad can save you on the off chance that you get too close to the Specter and get stun locked by it. 

Is Growing Power Worth Farming?

Growing Power remains as one of the meta mods in the game thanks to its beefy Ability Strenght boost that can immensely enhance your Warframes’ ability damage. This is especially helpful with Warframes that have already strong abilities. As an aura mod, it also applies to your squads and teammates, making it a must-have in runs along with Corrosive Projection to ensure that both ability casters and physical DPS dealers in your team are buffed to the brim. 

As if those benefits weren’t enough, it’s also important to remember that Growing Power stacks additively with other Ability Strength mods that you may have. So if you have a maxed out, rank 5 Intensify and a rank 5 Growing Power, you will get a mind-boggling +55% Ability Strength! Imagine the things you can do with that amount of Ability Strength.

Perhaps the most annoying and hardest part of getting this mod is the RNG behind it. A 6% drop chance can take hours, days, or worse, even weeks for some players. However, with the Knave Specter being an easy boss to take down with a squad, you should get it by committing to multiple runs a day.