Pilfering Strangledome & Teeming Virulence Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

The latest update dropped 24.7 just dropped, and along with the update came the new set of Syndicate Mods. The four new mods that are added to the game are Pilfering Strangledome (Khora), Binding Reave (Revenant), Teeming Virulence (Nidus) and Dread Ward (Garuda).

Pilfering Strangledome & Teeming Virulence Farming

In this post we are going to talk about acquiring these mods, the benefits these mods provide you with.

Pilfering Strangledome

This is a Warframe Augment mod for the Khora warframe that increases the loot dropped by the enemies caught in the Strangledome, hence the name.

How To Get Pilfering Strangledome

This mod can be acquired from the Steel Meridian once you reach the rank of General or Exalted under Red Veil. The mod costs 25000 standing.

Rank Cost
0 6
1 7
2 8
3 9

Teeming Virulence

This is augment mod that boosts Nidus’s Primary weapon’s critical chance once you hit 4 enemies with Virulence. Two things to keep in mind are that the critical chance can boosted by Ability Strength mods and Bonus duration can be increased using Ability duration mods.


Rank Crit. Chance Bonus Duration Cost
0 +70% 9s 6
1 +85% 11s 7
2 +100% 13s 8
3 +120% 15s 9

How To Farm Teeming Virulence

This mods can be acquired from both Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence by achieving ranks of General and Partner respectively. As usual the mod requires 25000 standing.

If you don’t have the standing at the moment, you can always buy these mods from people. Syndicate mods are not really costly, and go for around 10-20 platinum at most. You can read my platinum earning guide that might help around when there is scarcity of anything in the marketplace.