Revenant Warframe Build – Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Revenant Warframe has just dropped via the Mask of The Revenant update, players were hyped about the frame and I was away at the same time. That is why I could not cover about it on the website.

My Opinion on the frame – seems like Revenant is the newer version of the Nyx frame, with a few changed abilities in terms of design. The 4th power is cool for damage but becomes stale in high levels when you are fighting enemies with high armor.

Revenant Warframe

Revenant is a frame that has multiple powers that are inspired from the Eidolons and the sentients found in Lua.


  • Enthrall – Casting this ability on enemy will turn him to your side.
  • Mesmer Skin – Useless ability that reflects the damage, didn’t look tanky enough when I used the frame in high levels.
  • Reave – Casting this ability will make your tenno dash through enemies to restore health and shields. Good when you are low in terms of health.
  • Dance Macabre – This is one ability that I liked a lot. On casting this ability your frame unleash 9 energy beams coming out of his arms. These beams inflict a lot of damage and is amazing for clearing hoards of enemies. But as I said earlier, the ability becomes stale in higher levels.

How To Get Revenant?

Rant: This is yet another forced grind in Plains of Eidolon that nobody asked for. But that decision has to be made by Digital Extremes on their own. I don’t like playing in this so called open-world area at all, but that’s my opinion.

You need Observer Rank 2 with Quills else you won’t be able to start the quest.

  1. Head to Natak in Cetus and select “Mask”. Now go ahead and buy the mask from Nakak, it will cost you one Cetus Wisp.
  2. You will have to equip the mask provided by Nakak in order to start the quest.
  3. Once equipped, head to Plains during night time and go to the objective location. Interact with the item and exit.
  4. Upon returning to Cetus, you will have to obtain the parts of Revenant. To get the parts, you will have to visit Konzu and use the Bounty system to get the parts.
  5. Build these parts from your foundry, remember that you always need three parts to craft a Warframe
  6. Once you have crafted and claimed two parts for the frame, equip the Mask of the Lost One again and go to the POE and complete the objective.
  7. Nakak will give you instructions, you will have to fight a mini-boss in the end. Upon defeating the mini-boss you will be awarded with the Revenant Blueprint.

I did all of this in flow, else I would have given screenshots of every step in the quest.

Best Revenant Build

This is a two forma build, that I am testing at the moment and is working fine for me. I always use and follow the builds that are posted on the Brozime YouTube page.

  • Streamline and Fleeting Expertise for increased efficiency.
  • Primed Continuity and Primed flow for increased power duration and increased efficiency of the 4th. Flow for more power to keep going.
  • Vitality for increase health pool
  • Intensify to boost the ability and strength of the frame.

I always use Arcane Energize and Arcane Guardian sets with my frames. The unlimited energy and increased armor are two things that make me feel comfortable while I am fighting with anything in the game.