How To Get Stradavar Prime & Tipedo Prime Relics

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Equinox Prime Access begins in a few days, along with the access we’ll be getting Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime. Stradavar is something not many of us will be really interested in. The interesting thing is Tipedo Prime, I myself am a user of a 6 forma Tipedo with a status boosting riven so this is something I will be using myself.

This might be the only prime access that I not very excited about, the only thing I might be interested in is the Tipedo Prime as stated earlier. This could be due to the fact that I never liked Equinox as a frame. So this will not apply to everyone.

Stradavar Prime Relics

  • Stradavar Prime BP – Neo S11 (R)
  • Stradavar Prime Barrel – Lith M4 (UC)
  • Stradavar Prime Stock – Axi T2 (C)
  • Stradavar Prime Receiver – Meso Z3 (C)

Tipedo Prime Relics

  • Tipedo Prime BP – Lith P2 (C)
  • Tipedo Prime Ornament (x2) – Neo N10 (UC)
  • Tipedo Prime Handle – Axi T2 (R)

Once the relic tables are announced, you can read this guide to farm the relics easily.