How To Get Cold Front SMG – The Dawning Destiny 2 2020

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

The event has already begun, the update just dropped a few minutes back. Some people are still not able to get in the game yet, the servers are packed. The event starts from today and will end in two weeks i.e. January 14. Players can earn loot from different NPCs in-game by distributing gifts and completing bounties.

With this update; you can also get the Avalance Heavy Machine gun if you weren’t able to get it last year. There are new sets of armor, Ships, Ghosts and Emotes. Some items in the store are silver only and cannot be obtained with bright dust, sadly.

Let’s find out how to get Cold Front SMG.

How To Get Cold Front

Cold Front is an aggressive 750RPM SMG. Not many people use 750RPMs because they aren’t particularly good. The only one we have is Hard Truth, getting a good roll is difficult and even then the damage is not good enough.

To Get Cold Front, complete the The Dawning Begins mission, after completing it you will be rewarded with the submachine gun. Just deliver the baked gift to Zavala and take the reward. Open his gift and you’ll get Cold Front.

You can get random rolls for this weapon, I’ll be farming for a freeding frenzy/kill clip roll for crucible.

Do comment below if you are excited about the event.