Destiny 2: Trove Guardian Location This Week

Last Updated on April 12, 2024

Next update: April 16, 2024

Trove Guardian is the new enemy on the Moon, it’s a giant hive enemy with a yellow bar. His location is changed every week, and finding the right location can be confusing for players. In this article, I’ve written information such as his location and the chest.

Let’s find out where he is this week.

Destiny 2: Trove Guardian Location

There are three locations that he can spawn in, Archer’s Line, Hellmouth, or Anchor of Light. Locating him is quite easy, just use the map to head to any of these locations, I will be updating his exact location each week. Trove Guardian is a large hive enemy boss, as seen in the image below.

His location for this week is: Archer’s Line

Once you have defeated the Trove Guardian, a message saying “a path has opened” will pop up on the bottom left of your screen. Unlike other powerful enemies, trove doesn’t drop a loot box. To get the loot box you have to head to a different location.

Trove Guardian Chest

Explore the immediate area upon his elimination. There will be a long floating platform that you can jump upon. This is similar to what we’ve seen on Dreaming City, the floating platforms. Just move forward with the jumping puzzle and you’ll find a loot chest.

The loot from the chest wasn’t exceptional, I got some blues and a phantasmal fragment. So this certainly isn’t worth looking for, the loot is exactly similar to what you would get in a public event.

At first, I thought his location will stay the same. But when the week was reset he disappeared and was in another location. That’s when I realized that Trove Guardian’s location also changes every week.

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