How To Get Komodo-4FR, Heart of the Dragon Guide

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Ritual weapons are the downgraded version of what we used to called pinnacle weapons. The developers had decided that pinnacle weapons were breaking the game and stopped making them after Season of The Undying.

Last season we had the Randy’s Throwing Knife as the ritual weapon. I still haven’t complete the quest steps for that. It’s a scout rifle for crying out loud, I have an aggressive play style so I can’t really sit in corners and take down guardians across the map.

This time around, they’ve added Komodo-4FR which is a linear fusion rifle. Not sure why they added a linear fusion rifle. The steps are easy to complete. Below is an image of the quest card.

Heart of the Dragon Quest Guide

This should be easy if you have the Arbalest, I used to love Arbalest when it came out first. Just use Titan middle tree, slide through special ammo for the damage buff and take out enemies with a single shot. 125 is a considerable number though. This will take around 2-3 days for a hard core player to complete.

After completing the kills, reach Glory Rank “Heroic”, which is 1050-2099, this is easy. You don’t lose any points until you reach Fabled which is 2100 points. If you are a solo player like me, just head to the Freelancer playlist and enjoy the game.

Remember that there’s no hurry for getting anything at the moment. The update has just dropped and is here to stay for three months.

How are you liking the update? – Do comment below and let me know 🙂