How To Get The Lord of Wolves Catalyst – Destiny 2

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Lord of Wolves is not a shotgun that needs any introduction, the shotgun was known for causing chaos back in Season 7, people went nuts, everyone was using it. The gun had the furthest ranges and there was no competitor at all. Dropping 45-50 kills was a breeze if you knew how to use it correctly. Bungie toned down the range and damage after the community outrage.

Well, you might start seeing the weapon again as the catalyst for the same has just been added with the Season of Dawn update.

How To Get The Lord of Wolves Catalyst

Well, getting the Catalyst is a lot reliant upon RNG. I was able to get mine from Crucible, one of my friend got it from Vanguard strikes. So it seems like you can get it from these two.

Update: You can also get it from playing Gambit.

Once you have the Catalyst, equip it. After equipping you have to get 500 kills with the weapon to unlock the catalyst. Upon, unlocking you will get increased reload speed while Release the Wolves perk is active and improved stability when inactive. Also, the weapon will generate orbs of light on multi-kills.

The gun might not be the same anymore, but it still excels in the crucible. Last time I tried it I had a good game. As usual, I started getting hate mails within a few minutes.

Detailed review of the Catalyst will come soon, Stay tuned. Till then check our other guides.

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Remember that there’s no hurry for getting anything at the moment. The update has just dropped and is here to stay for three months.

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