Fond Memories Engram Loot – Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

A new engram has been added to the game with the Season of Dawn update, it’s called Fond Memories. Let’s find out what’s inside.

Season of Dawn update has finally dropped, the last weeks of the game have been not something I’ve been enjoying. The last season was not good for PvP players like me, the broken season artifact and arc battery were a complete nuisance. Hopefully, they’ve made changes this time around.

Fond Memories Engram Loot

New Ornaments

Trust, Parcel of Stardust, Divinity, Rat King and Huckleberry ornaments are the ones I am looking out for.

With this update, a new engram has been added to the game. The developers have also made a few changes to how eververse works. They are saying that each silver item will be sold for bright dust at some point (60% of the items if I am correct about the figure).

I opened my first free engram and got the Black Plague, which is the ornament for Rat King. You can go ahead and open yours right now, do comment below and let me know what you got.

Are you excited about this update? – I surely am, hopefully the newer PvP changes make it enjoyable.

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