Darksiders Genesis – How To Invite Friend to Party, Co-Op

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Darksiders Genesis – How To Invite a Friend – After waiting for several hours, the game is now available to be downloaded, the exact size is 9.7GB. People have been hating on Epic Games for no reason, but at least there is no delay in launches there.

If you are having trouble finding how to invite your friends to your game, then worry no more, this guide will help you with that.

How To Invite Friend to Party

The Co-op mode is not self explanatory and some might have a hard time understanding it. To play with your friends, just start the game and select “Friends or invite-only”.

Your friend must be added on your steam list. Once you have completed watching the first cutscene you will be able to join each other. To join, just click on the arrow above your friend’s name in Steam Social, and click join. This will take you to his game, from there your friend will have to head to the summoning stone. Make sure you mantle off the horse or you won’t be able to to so.

You can also head directly to the summoning stone and three options will pop-up. From there select “invite a friend”.

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More guides for Darksiders will follow soon. I am currently playing the game.