How To Get Good Juju Rifle – Borderlands 3

How To Get Good Juju Rifle – Good Juju is the easter egg of the Bad Juju Rifle that you can find in Destiny 2. The weapon was introduced with the latest Maliwan Takedown update. Good Juju is a legendary assault rifle, not exactly the best around but does its job. Also, it’s a burst … Read more

Fix Cannot Fast Travel to Sanctuary – Borderlands 3

The new Borderlands 3 Maliwan Takedown update has arrived. There is a lot of content to play with. YouTubers and Twitch Streamers are already working on new builds since most of the abilities and skills were tweaked with this update. However, the update is not perfect. A few new bugs have popped up. People are … Read more

Borderlands 3 – How To Start Maliwan Takedown

Borderlands 3 – Maliwan Takedown update has finally arrived. Vault Hunters have been looking out for the update for a while now, the features of the update were showcased yesterday in a stream from Gearbox. The notable things are; the increased bank size, DX12 Optimization, set of nerfs and buffs and a lot more. The … Read more

How To Get Mirv Recurring Hex Grenade – Borderlands 3

If you’re a Moze main like me, you must be wondering where should I go to farm this insane damage-dealing grenade. There are no fixed guides on the web that cover about farming this legendary grenade mod. The crazy thing about this grenade is the multiplication, one grenade breaks into 3 and those break into … Read more