How To Get Major Fractaline Harvest – Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Having troubles farming this particular resource in game? – Don’t worry, In this guide, we will talk about How To Get Major Fractaline in Destiny 2.

Major Fractaline Harvest is a new resource that was introduced with the Season of Dawn update. This resource is particularly required for fueling the Obelisks that are attached to the Sundial on Mercury. By collecting this resource you can increase the resonance rank of the Obelisks, leading to Obelisks enhancements.

You can also earn the resource by completing the Obelisk bounties, or Sundial runs on Mercury. You will be given two bounties when you start for the first time, upon completion you will be rewarded with the same. This works similar to every vendor in Destiny, just complete the bounties and get the vendor specific rewards, take Vex components for example in the last season.

In order to start the quest, read our A Matter of Time Quest Guide. Once you have started the quest, head to Tangled Shore and proceed accordingly. I will advise you to check the guide for detailed information.

Hopefully this guide helped you out, comment below if it did. We will be adding more Season of Dawn guides soon, stay tuned for those.

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