How To Get Buzzard – Vanguard Ritual Weapon Destiny 2, Season of Dawn

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

In this guide, we will find out how to get the Buzzard Ritual Weapon from Vanguard in Season of Dawn.

We had Edgewise as the Ritual weapon for the last season. This time there’s a sidearm that you’ll have to grind for. I don’t know anyone who uses sidearms in this game. But they have added multiple sidearms this season, probably a buff will follow soon?

Anything That Moves Quest Guide

To collect the quest card:

  • Head to the Tower
  • Go to Vanguard
  • Collect the quest “Anything that moves” from him

The quest steps are

  • Sidearm final blows
  • 50 Sidearm airborne final blows
  • and Points

Completing the quest should be easy. Use a sidearm such as Rat King or Lonesome and the quest will be done in no time. I will post my reviews for all the new ritual weapons soon, Python, Komodo 4-FR.

Remember that there’s no hurry for getting anything at the moment. The update has just dropped and is here to stay for three months.

What are your thoughts, comment below and let me know?