A Matter of Time Quest Guide – A Disturbance on Mercury – Destiny 2

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Ikora will be the main character for this season, when you visit the tower for the first time, similar to every vendor, Ikora will be highlighted. Vist her and she will give you a quest named “A Disturbance on Mercury”. This is the main quest for this update.

In this guide, we will complete the quest together and write the steps below so that you don’t have any troubles competing it.

The steps for the quest are pretty straightforward, reading the quest card will help you out.

Once you have completed talking to Ikora she will hand you the quest card “A Disturbance on Mercury”, after that head to the Director > Click on Mercury, and from there select the Sundial.

Sundial is a matchmade actvity so you won’t really have any troubles completing it.

Step 1 – Recovery Operation

In this step you have to repair the Sundial Obelisk on the Tangled Shore. Collect items after eliminating Cabal, spawn in Sorik’s Cut and take down Cabal and collect the items you need. Once you are done, head to Thieves Landing.

The Obselisk is near the fast travel point, you easily find it. I’ll add an image below for the same.

Step 2 – Light Collection

Take down enemies using your Super or use a masterworked weapon. Upon eliminating, Orbs of Light will drop, collect them and this quest step will progress. You can pair up with a friend to complete this faster.

Once you have completed this step, head back to the Obelisk to activate it.

Step 3 – The Sundial

In this step you have to enter the Sundial so that Osiris can calibrate it for you, this will allow you to travel through time. To access Sundial, use the Director, head to Mercury and click the Sundial Panel from there. This is a new matchmade activity.

Upon completion of the activity, return back to Osiris and collect your reward along with Lantern of Osiris Artifact.

I will add more steps as we progress.

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Remember that there’s no hurry for getting anything at the moment. The update has just dropped and is here to stay for three months.

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