How To Get Alloy Plate – Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Warframe has a lot of resources, every resource is located at a different location on the star chart. When I was a newbie, I had real trouble finding the best places to farm alloy plate or similar resources.

Worry no more, our guides got you covered. Continue reading to find out where to head to, for farming Alloy Plate. Do note that this is a common resource and it is really easy to farm. We already have guides on hard to farm resources such as Argon Crystal, Nitain Extract, and Neurodes.

How To Get Alloy Plate

Alloy Plate is a common resource so it’s easy to find on the planets that it drops in. The known planets which drop this resource are Jupiter, Sedna, Phobos, Ceres, and Pluto. It drops in quantities of 50 to 150. This can be boosted using a resource booster.

Best Place to Farm Alloy Plate?

Draco (Ceres) Survival is undoubtedly the best place to head to if you are looking to farm some of this resource. Run a normal survival with a solo Nekros or a farm enchancing warframe, a 20-minute run netted me 8k alloy plate, this is a decent number. I have around 3.8 million of this resource sitting in my inventory as of now. This is the best option for solo players.

When I was new, I had trouble when I had to upgrade the Kavat Incubator which requires 120,000 Alloy Plates. We took a farming squad consisting of Pilfering Hydroid + Desecrate Nekros + Fast Nova + a Smeeta Kavat. Increase your farming efficiency further with a resource booster. If you are having trouble finding the right squad, I would recommend you to join a clan or use the recruiting chat.

Options for Co-ordinate Squads

Defense missions are good for farming any resource in the game, the earlier suggestion was good for solo players, this one focuses more on squads.

Below are a few defense missions that you can head to with a co-ordinated squad consisting of Pilfering Hydroid + Desecrate Nekros + Fast Nova + DPS Frame.

  • Aphrodite, Kiliken, and Tessera on Venus.
  • Berehynia, Charybdis, and Vodyanoi on Sedna.
  • Casta, Cinxia, and Kiste on Ceres.

Running through these missions should be a breeze considering you have a good damage dealer in your squad. After every 5 waves collect the resources and leave when you feel like you’ve farmed enough.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out, we have more of these. Just head to the guides section to find out.