How To Find Treasurer – Location

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

How To Find Treasurer – Everyone who is trying to farm for Protea or Weapon parts for Stropha, Stahlta or Velox is looking for the Treasurer. This enemy was added with the new Deadlock Protocol Update.

Locating him might be difficult for new players, don’t worry anymore, this guide will help you out.

How To Find Treasurer Location

First, you have to play the new Corpus tileset and wait for the Treasurer to spawn in. He might take a while to spawn so I’ll recommend you do missions that take a while. I did mine on Mobile Defense mission. He will spawn marked with a waypoint.

  • Fossa (Venus) – Granum Crown
  • Trition (Neptune) – Exemplar Crown
  • Oceanum (Pluto) – Zenith Crown

Some players might have trouble taking him out since he’s invisible and tanky. Just take a weapon with magnetic build to take out shields fast, and another weapon with viral build to take out health.

Once you takedown the treasurer, he will drop a Granum Crown (Type will depend on the difficulty of your mission)

One thing to note; Only one treasurer spawns per mission.

Did you guys enjoy the new quest? – I’ve been using Protea for a few hours now and really enjoying playing with her. I am also working on a few builds that will be published on the website soon.