How To Farm Phasic Cells in Warframe

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Phasic Cells are the newly added resource in Warframe that you will require for crafting the Lavos blueprint and parts. This is a new resource, so it is obvious that not many people know about farming it. This guide today will focus on how to get this resource.

You need a total of 2500 Phasic cells if you want to fully craft the Alchemist frame.

How To Farm Phasic Cells in Warframe

Phasic Cell is a resource that is harvested from the fallen Orphix Sentients. You will find many of these while playing the new operation, take them down and you will find the resource. I played the first mission of the operation and was able to collect 62 Phasic Cells without using a resource booster.

  • Operation: Orphix Venom
  • Operation: Orphix Venom – Advanced
  • Operation: Orphix Venom – Endurance

There are three difficulty modes for the event, you can launch whichever you want from the starchart. Higher difficulty means better rewards.

Seems like Resource boosters have no effect on Phasic Cells. Farming these would be a pain if you don’t have a squad. So, I’d recommend you go to the recruitment channel and take down as many Orphix Sentients as you can for maximum efficiency.

Once you have them, just trade with Father in Necralisk for the Lavos parts and you’ll be good to go.

The Orphix Venom update is quite a big one in terms of changes brought to the Necramechs, you can read the full patch notes here.