How To Farm Goblite Tears in Warframe

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Goblite Tears aren’t exactly a farmable resource, in order to get this resource you need another blueprint. In this article, we will find out where you can get the blueprint from and the resource required to craft it.

Before you can get the Goblite Tears, you will need to farm Goblite. This is a resource that you can find on Orb Vallis. This should be an easy job for you if you are familiar with mining ores in open-world areas.

How To Farm Goblite?

A strange crystal that grows inside the veins of extracted ore.

This resource is only required to craft Goblite Tears.

To get this resource follow the pointers given below:

  • Mine blue mineral veins on Orb Vallis. Go to the cave located near Deck 12, it has a really good chance of blue vein spawn. Once you locate them, mine using the Sunpoint Plasma Drill.
  • Goblite can also drop from storage containers located all across the map.
  • Easiest Way: Common loot drop from Exploiter Orb. Exploiter Orb is the boss of Orb Vallis, taking him down will net you around 10-15 Goblite.

Make sure to use a resource booster while getting hard to farm resources, it will make your job a lot easier. I don’t really have much RNG on my side so I always use resource boosters.

How To Get Goblite Tears Blueprint

Now that we are done with farming the resource required for crafting. You can head to Smokefinger located on Fortuna. The blueprint can be purchased for 2000 standing with Solaris United (Outworlder Rank). The blueprint requires 2500 Credits and 10 Goblite, this will yield 10 Goblite Tears.

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We hope this guide helped you out while farming for the resource. Do share and comment below if it did.