Destiny 2 Catalysts: All 64 Catalysts and How to Get Them

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Destiny 2 Catalysts: Catalysts are transformational features for Exotic weapons, which began in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion. They boost and advance Exotic weapons by giving bonus perks, improving stats, or increasing their magazine size. In other words, they bring out the true potential of Exotic weapons, transforming them into invaluable tools. 

Before you begin hunting for these catalysts, it’s important to note that you must first own the weapon to obtain a catalyst. Currently, there are 64 catalysts in Destiny 2. They can drop anywhere in the game, but each has a specific drop location.

 Tracking and completing these catalysts’ locations is a complex task for the many players who aim to increase the strength of their Exotic weapons. This guide gives you an insight into all these catalysts and how you can get them.

Destiny 2 Catalysts: How to Get Them

1. Grand Overture

The Grand Overture catalyst gives the weapon 20 Handling and 20 extra Stability to boost its attack on enemies. One of its perks is blinding enemies using missile explosions. To get this catalyst, players must complete the Heavy Does It quest provided by Banshee-44. The quest begins with the completion of the following three objectives:

  • Defeating 50 Cabal
  • Defeating 50 targets with power weapons
  • Defeating 15 targets

You’ll participate in Crucible, Nightfall, or Gambit matches, which you can quickly complete depending on your power level and skill. It involves calibrating the catalyst and defeating targets using Grand Overture.

 The fastest way to finish these matches is by leveling up on your season’s pass because levels 11 and 22 will unlock a catalyst quest booster that speeds up the process. After the grind, return to Banshee-44 in the Tower, who’ll hand you the Grand Overture catalyst.

2. Dead Messenger

The Dead Messenger catalyst comes with the Unrelenting perk, which provides the weapon with health regeneration after rapidly defeating enemies. The Dead Messenger is unavailable, but it will be available once Destiny 2 releases the Master difficulty. 

Players will be able to unlock the Dead Messenger catalyst through the Vox Obscura mission. The mission begins with a visit to the Throne World Destination located in the Director to launch the Vox Obscura quest on the Master difficulty. Players must defeat 200 enemies while using the Dead Messenger in Arc, Solar and Void modes to receive the catalyst.

3. Le Monarque

The Le Monarque catalyst gives the weapon 20 Reload Speed and 30 additional Stability. You must complete playlist activities like the Crucible matches, Strikes, and Gambit rounds to get this catalyst. Getting a Le Monarque catalyst takes longer, but it will take you two rounds if you already possess the older catalysts.

4. Witherhoad

Witherhoad Catalyst’s Silent Alarm perk maximizes the weapon’s handling. Players can obtain the Witherhoad catalyst by completing The Bank Job quest. The quest involves many activities of acquiring several grenade launchers. It begins by killing enemies using a kinetic or grenade launcher to collect vault keys.

 You’ll need to collect a total of 50 vault keys which drop upon killing an enemy. To kill many enemies, focus on activities such as the new Contact public event, which contains high enemy counts. Once you have the 50 vault keys, you’ll get the Witherhoad catalyst.

5. The Huckleberry

The Huckleberry catalyst comes with the Bull Rider perk, which instantly reloads the entire magazine. Players can only obtain the catalyst as a random drop in playlist activities; Gambit matches, Crucible rounds, and Strikes. It is a rare catalyst, and it can take time to drop. It can either drop during the first sessions or after weeks of farming.

6. Eriana’s Vow

The Eriana’s Vow comes with the More to Give perk, which increases the magazine size and reloads the weapon after holstering. To get the catalyst, players need to complete Banshee-44’s Vow quests. Players need to earn 400 Progress by testing the weapon in one of these activities:

  • Gambit
  • Gambit Prime
  • Vex Offensive
  • Strike

The activity you pick doesn’t matter, provided you use Erriana’s Vow as your weapon of choice. Once you obtain 400 Progress, Banshee-44 will reward you with Eriana’s Vow catalyst.

7. Arbalest

The Arbalest catalyst’s Genesis perk improves the weapon’s strength by filling its magazine from reserves. Players need to complete playlist activities like Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit. This catalyst is elusive; therefore, it will take time to drop.

8. Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spade catalyst comes with its Funeral Pyre perk, which uses the Firefly ability to cause damage when Memento Mori is active. Players acquire the catalyst as a random drop in a Crucible or Strike match. Since it’s a rare drop, you may need to play many rounds for several weeks to get it.

9. Izanagi’s Burden

The Izinagi’s Burden catalyst has the Peerless Edge perk, which increases Honed Edge ability. Players can get the catalyst by playing Gambit, Strike, or Crucible activities where it drops randomly from one of the enemies.

10. Riskrunner

The Riskrunner catalyst increases the weapon’s range by 27. To obtain it, players must complete the Spark of Hope quest. The quest begins by meeting Zavala in the tower, who sends you to speak to Ikora Rey, who’s also in the building. 

Ikora Rey will then send you to talk to Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone, specifically at the church’s rooftop. There are three Lost Sectors around the church that you need to clear. They are:

  • Atrium
  • Terminus East
  • Widow’s Walk

You’ll head back to Devrim Kay, who’ll send you to complete the Risk/Reward mission in the Cosmodrome. After crossing the Chasm section, you must find the Arc Conductor to achieve the mission, which comes with the Riskrunner weapon and Riskrunner catalyst as rewards.

11. Trinity Ghoul

Trinity Ghoul has the Forked Lightning perk, and it increases the weapon’s Reload Speed to 55. Players can get the Trinity Ghoul catalyst by completing one of the following activities:

  • Crucible matches
  • Strikes
  • Gambit rounds

You may kill several guardians in the activities, but that won’t make the catalyst drop. Speed and difficulty have no impact on the catalyst’s drop rates. The catalyst only drops when you win an activity. None of the three activities offer higher winning chances, so you can choose whichever you prefer. 

12. Dead Man’s Tale

The Dead Man’s Tale catalyst gives the weapon the Dark-Forged perk, which eliminates penalties for hip-firing. Players need to complete the At Your Fingertips quest to get the Dead Man’s Tale catalyst.

 The quest sends you to the Glykon, where Presage takes place. You’ll need to complete Presage on Master level, which has a 25-minute timer. You’ll need to defeat the Locus if Communion boss and enemies with Solar shields.

13. Ager’s Scepter

The Ager’s Scepter catalyst gives you Orbs of Power when fighting enemies. Players can obtain the catalyst when it randomly drops from the Wayfinder’s Troves after completing the Astral Alignment activity. It can drop on your first round, or it may take several rounds for it to appear. Ensure that you open the Wayfinder’s Troves every time you come to the end of the activity to allow the catalyst to drop.

14. Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn catalyst has the More Wolves perk, which increases the weapon’s magazine size. To obtain the catalyst, you need to solve puzzles in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. You’ll also need to find three treasure chests by fighting the Reaver Vandals, which spawn near the chests. Unlocking the three chests will reward you with the Gjallarhorn catalyst.

15. Lumina

Lumina catalyst has a good Range and Power. It can shoot enemies at both medium and close range. The catalyst drops randomly upon completing Crucible, Strike, or Gambit matches. Its drop rate is high, and many players find it within a few rounds. After getting the catalyst, you must do 250 noble rounds to charge the catalyst. 

16. Rat King

The Rat King catalyst possesses the Infestation perk, which improves the weapon’s recoil direction and aim assist. This perk also refreshes the weapon’s health whenever Vermin activates. Players can get the catalyst as a random reward after completing Nightfall and Heroic Strikes. The drop rate is very low, and it may take about twelve rounds for it to appear. 

17. The Wardcliff Coil

The Wardcliff Coil catalyst comes with its Pinpoint Guidance Module perk, which allows the weapon to generate orbs. This perk also tightens rocket spread. You can get the catalyst by completing Strikes, but you first need to choose strikes on the Vanguard playlist.

18. The Fourth Horseman

The Fourth Horseman catalyst increases the weapon’s reloading speed and magazine size. The And Its Name Was Death perk gives the magazine an additional round and increases the weapon’s Reload speed by 40. 

 To get the catalyst, you need to play Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches for it to drop. The drop rates for the catalyst are low, and you may play for weeks before it appears.

19. Legend of Acrius

With the legend of the Acrius catalyst, the weapon’s reloading speed increases by 36. Its perk, Deeper Pockets, expands the Ammo reserves and increases the magazine size by 2. 

To obtain the catalyst, players need to play Nightfall’s Ordeal Strikes. It is a random drop in the activity but low drop rate. To improve your chances of obtaining it, run a lower difficulty or play as a team. 

20. MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool catalyst provides the weapon with the Outlaw perk, which decreases its reload speed during a Precision Kill. Its other perk, No Distractions, reduces flinch when aiming the weapon for a shorter duration.

 To get the catalyst, players must win Glory Rank activities. It will drop randomly, and the drop rates are as follows:

  • Glory Rank 3 Fabled: 5%
  • Glory Rank 4 Mythic: 5% to 10%
  • Glory Rank 5 Legend: A guarantee drop

21. Ruinous Effigy

The Ruinous Effigy catalyst provides the rifle with the Deconstruction perk, which increases damage from a Transmutation Sphere. The catalyst can drop whenever you defeat an enemy using a Transmutation Sphere regardless of the enemy type and game mode.

22. Traveler’s Chosen

The Traveler’s Chosen catalyst increases the weapon’s magazine stat by 20 and provides it with the Full Auto Trigger System perk. This perk fires the weapon at full perks when a player holds down the trigger. Players can obtain the catalyst as a random drop upon completing Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit matches. 

23. Crimson

The Crimson catalyst increases the weapon’s range by 18, which gives it additional utility in combat. Players can obtain the catalyst anywhere in the system when they kill non-guardian enemies. The enemy can be a powerful Fallen or any low-level type.

24. Bad Juju

Bad Juju catalyst gives the weapon the Unending Curse perk, which prolongs the length of String of Curses. You can find it as a random drop when completing Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible matches. Its drop rate is low, and players can spend several rounds before the catalyst drops. 

25. The Jade Rabbit

The Jade Rabbit catalyst increases the weapon’s stability by 27, making the shots at targets more accurate. You can get it by defeating 250 guardians while playing the Crucible.

26. The Prospector

The Prospector catalyst possesses the Deeper Pockets perk, increasing ammo reserves and magazine size by 1. Players can find it as a random drop after completing the Heroic or Nightfall Strikes. 

27. Heir Apparent

The Heir Apparent catalyst increases the arch shield’s strength and reloads the gun’s magazine after destruction. Players get the catalyst as a reward when they turn over either a Platinum or Gold medal. Upon completion of Contender Cards for Crucible, Gambit, Trials, Nightfall, and Strike matches, you can obtain them. 

28. SUROS Regime

SUROS Regime catalyst comes with Spinning Up and SUROS Ascendance perks. The SUROS Ascendance perk improves the weapon’s recoil direction. The catalyst is a random drop that appears when a player kills a guardian while playing Crucible matches. Winning the match doesn’t guarantee that the catalyst will drop. The only determinant is killing a guardian.

29. Sunshot

The Sunshot catalyst increases the weapon’s Range and Stability by 27 and 18, respectively. You can get it after completing Strikes or Crucible matches. Consider using optimal farming loadout to make the catalyst drop quickly and sooner.

30. Duality

Duality catalyst increases the weapon’s Range by 20 and the magazine size by 2. Players can get the catalyst by completing the Walk the Line quest. The quest consists of two parts:

  • So Very Thin
  • Returning Home

For the first section, players need to kill 50 guardians using Duality, kill 100 enemies using Diality’s slugs and earn 300 points of Calibration Progress. In the second part, players return to Banshee-44, who’ll hand them the catalyst.

31. Hawkmoon

The Hawkmoon catalyst provides the weapon with the Hunter’s Trance perk, which increases its magazine size, range, reload speed, and handling. You need to complete Strikes, Crucible, or Strikes playlist activities to get your hands on this catalyst. The catalyst drops in the activities randomly, and the drop rate is low.

32. Outbreak Perfected

This catalyst gives the weapon the Disease Vector perk, making the nanites cause more damage to enemies. It randomly drops in Gambit, Strikes, or Crucible matches. According to expert players, the drop rate in Nightfall’s Strike Playlist is higher than in the other matches.

33. No Time To Explain

The No Time To Explain catalyst gives the weapon the Blast from the Side perk, making projectiles on the side shoot more often. You can obtain the catalyst by completing the Soon quest from the Exo Stranger. 

The quest begins by defeating combatants so that you can collect five schematic codes in the Bray Exoscience facility. You’ll then need to defeat 60 Vex in The Well of Infinitude or The Glassway Strike. After the defeat, you’ll receive the No Time To Explain catalyst from the Exo Stranger.

34. Hard Light

The Hard Light catalyst increases the rifle’s stability by 18, making it easier to control and fire the weapon. The catalyst drops randomly upon completing either the Nightfall or Heroic Strikes. 

35. Whisper of the Worm

This catalyst comes with the Whispered Breathing perk, which gives the weapon bonus precision damage. You can find it as a random drop from playlist activities such as Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes.

36. Cryosthesia 77K

The Cryosthesia 77K catalyst has the Cold Efficiency perk, enabling the weapon to refill its magazine size from the reserves every time it shatters a frozen enemy. Players get the catalyst from Banshee-44 after completing the Stasis Trigger quest. 

The first part of the quest involves killing 50 guardians, killing 100 enemies in PVE, and obtaining 75 precision kills. In the second part of the quest, you’ll use the Cryosthesia 77K to defeat 50 guardians and 100 enemies in PVE and play Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible matches to generate Calibration Data.

37. Lorentz Driver

The Lorentz Driver catalyst gives the weapon the Jump Driver perk, enhancing its radar and improving EM Anomaly. To obtain the catalyst, Banshee-44 will provide you with the Revision 7.2.2 quest to complete. 

The first part of the quest involves using any weapon to defeat 50 combatants, 50 enemy Guardians, and 15 Champions. For the second part, you’ll need to use Lorentz Driver to generate 200 Calibration Data and defeat 100 combatants and 50 enemy Guardians. You’ll then go back to Banshee-44 to receive the Lorentz Driver catalyst.

38. Forerunner

The Forerunner catalyst gives the weapon The Rock perk, allowing players to chain grenades. To get the Forerunner catalyst, players must reach Rank 16 with Xur in Eternity, which is very challenging.

39. Fighting Lion

Through the Fighting Lion catalyst, the weapon gets the Chimera perk, giving Kinetic and power weapons 3 seconds to boost accuracy and handling. The catalyst drops from non-guardian enemies in the game. 

40. Prometheus Lens

The Prometheus Lens’ catalyst increases the weapon’s handling and stability by 18. After completing either the Heroic or Nightfall Strike, it is obtainable as a random drop. 

41. Graviton Lance

Graviton Lance catalyst’s Hidden Hand perk provides the weapon with better target acquisition. It appears as a random drop whenever a prayer kills enemies in Crucible or Strike matches. 

42. Tommy’s Matchbook

Tommy’s Matchbook catalyst gives the weapon the Heat the Moment perk, which lowers the level of damage a player takes from their weapon burn. The catalyst is a reward from Banshee-44 after completing A Good Match quest. Complete the quest by:

  • Earning 400 points in Gambit, Crucible, Nightfall, or Strikes matches. 
  • Getting 200 Combatant Multi kills
  • Defeating 100 Guardians using Auto Rifle.

43. D.A.R.C.I

The catalyst increases the rifle’s stability by 18, giving players a better aim if the target moves. You can obtain the catalyst as a random drop when you defeat a non-guardian enemy in any part of the game. These enemies include Cabal and Scorn.

44. Black Talon

The Black Tanon catalyst contains the Reversal perk, enabling the weapon to block shots from enemies. Players can find the catalyst when randomly drops in Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit matches. 

45. Coldheart

The catalyst increases Coldheart’s reload speed and stability by 18. You can get the catalyst as a drop after completing Vanguard Nightfall Strikes. Complex strikes and deadly enemies have higher chances of dropping the catalyst. Consider defeating bosses to increase your chances of acquiring the catalyst sooner.

46. Deathbringer

With the Deathbringer catalyst, players don’t need to aim too high because projectiles can quickly reach their full potential. It comes with the Dead Weight perk, which increases the speed at which Dark Descent attains its full potential.

 To obtain the catalyst, complete Crucible, Gambit, or Strikes matches. It is a random drop at the end of the playlist activities. The drop rate is high, and you may obtain it after your first round.

47. Merciless

The Merciless catalyst increases the weapon’s stability and range by 36. The catalyst drops upon completion of a Nightfall or Heroic Strike. A higher Strike doesn’t guarantee an early drop so that you can focus on the easy Strikes.

48. Cerberus+1

The Cerberus+1 catalyst introduces the Focused Fire perk, which holds reload swaps for a close-range spread. To get the catalyst, defeat any non-guardian enemy in the system. To increase your chances of finding the catalyst, start with the weaker PVE enemies.

49. Vigilance Wing

Vigilance Wing provides the weapon with the Full Auto Trigger System perk, which damages enemies faster. Players can find the catalyst by defeating guardians in Crucible matches. Note that winning the matches won’t make the catalyst drop; you only need to kill them.

50. Polaris Lance

Polaris Lance gives the weapon the Dragonfly perk, which brings elemental damage explosion with Precision kills. This catalyst drops randomly in Gambit, Crucible or Strikes matches. It is a rare drop, and Strikes is the easiest place to grind for one. It can drop during the first few rounds or take several weeks to appear.

51. Symmetry

The Symmetry catalyst brings the Electric Styx perk, which increases the number of Dynamic Charges by five. You’ll need to complete the Symmetry Remastered quest to find the catalyst. The quest’s objective is to meet one of the following activities:

  • Gambit matches
  • Strikes
  • Crucible matches
  • Nightfall

Players need to complete 400 activities from any of the matches or a combination of them.

52. Leviathan’s Breath

This catalyst gives Leviathan’s Breath the Colossal Quiver perk, which increases the ammo reserve size by five. The leviathan’s Breath catalyst drops whenever a player kills a powerful enemy. These enemies have either a yellow or orange bar. 

53. Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Simulant provides the weapon with Accelerated Coil, and Deeper Pockets perks that lower impact damage and increase ammo reserves. Players can get the catalyst from Nightfall’s Ordeal Strikes, where it randomly drops. 

54. Tractor Cannon

The weapon can increase its ammo reserves with the Deeper Pockets perks from the catalyst. The catalyst drops when players kill any non-guardian enemy. It isn’t a must for you to use the Tractor Cannon for the kill to make the catalyst drop; it can appear provided you own the weapon.

55. Ticuu’s Divination

The catalyst’s Causality Quiver perk increases the weapon’s damage. To obtain the catalyst, complete The Points Piercing Forever quest from Banshee-44. The first part of the quest involves collecting 100 Orbs of Power and defeating 50 guardians and 100 Combatants using Ticuu’s Divination. 

For the second part, you’ll need to generate 200 Calibration Data and defeat 100 Combatants and Guardians using Ticuu’s Divination. After completing these objectives, Banshee-44 will give you the Ticuu’s Divination catalyst.

56. Vex Mythoclast

The Vex Mythoclast gives the weapon the Calculated Balance perk, which increases its stability. To get the catalyst, you must go to the Vault of Glass Raid to find five specialized plates. These plates spawn Oracles which you need to eliminate. After finding the fifth plate and eliminating all Oracles, the Vex Portal will open. Touching the Vex Portal will drop the Vex Mythoclast catalyst.

57. Lord of Wolves

The Lord of Wolves catalyst comes with the Fang and Claw ability, which increases the weapon’s reloading speed and stability. The catalyst is a random drop that appears upon completion of a Gambit, Crucible, or Strike match. 

58. Sturm

Sturm catalyst increases the weapon’s range and handling by 18 and 36, respectively. Unlike all the other catalysts, players don’t need to complete a quest or playlist activities to obtain the Sturm catalyst. Instead, players should eliminate PVE enemies or the Planetoid Nessus to get the catalyst. 

59. Skyburner’s Oath

The Skyburner’s Oath increases the weapon’s range to 30, making you hit targets quickly. You can obtain it by completing Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible matches. The catalyst is a rare drop, and it may take weeks to appear.

60. Telesto

Telesto catalyst comes with the Deeper Pockets perk, increasing ammo capacity. Players can find the catalyst in the Legendary Lost Sectors and Master Lost Sectors. You can find these Lost Sectors anywhere in Destiny 2. 

You’ll first need to go to the entrance of the Lost Sector, where you’ll see a flag. Once inside, you’ll need to defeat Champions using anti-champion mods. After defeating the champions, the Telesto catalyst will drop.

61. The Colony

The Colony catalyst gives the weapon the Deeper Pockets perk, which increases the ammo reserves, enabling players to deal with any enemy they encounter. Acquisition of the catalyst comes with defeating Guardians in the Crucible. Regardless of the difficulty level or game mode, the catalyst only drops if you kill a Guardian in Crucible. It will not drop if you win a match without killing a Guardian.

62. Sweet Business

Sweet Business gives the weapon the Serious Business perk, which reduces the effectiveness of incoming attacks. Players need to perform the Strikes and Crucible activities to get the catalyst. The catalyst drops when players kill enemies in these activities even without completing the matches.

63. Worldline Zero

The Worldline Zero catalyst provides the sword with Another Dimension perk. This perk reduces the amount of time it takes to trigger and activate Tesseract. To get the catalyst, you need to kill a non-guardian enemy using any sword. To increase the chances of the Worldline Zero catalyst dropping, players need to use swords in PVE combat routinely.

64. Borealis

Borealis catalyst increases the weapon’s reloading speed by 18, resulting in more shots. The catalyst drops when players defeat non-guardian enemies at any location in the system. The drop rate for the catalyst is lower, and there’s no indication that some enemies possess a higher drop rate than others.


Although knowing how and where to locate these catalysts can be challenging, they give you enough reason to grind for powerful exotics in Destiny 2. With them, you can transform your slow-firing weapon into a rapid-fire exotic to eliminate enemies that come in the way of your missions and quests. While some require you to go through dangerous quests to acquire them, others drop depending on how lucky you are.