How to Reserve your Favorite in-game Name on Soulframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Soulframe has an immersive fantasy with deep exploration themes that empower gamers to keep it rolling. The developers are yet to release the game but currently, what is available is a groundbreaking cinematic trailer that supports pre-registering of players’ names. 

To secure your name for the Soulframe game, you must solve a code puzzle on the developer’s official website. It’s a unique yet exciting way for you to discover more about the game before it’s officially released.

How to Reserve a Name

To reserve your name, which is also the envoy title, go to the official game’s website. The phrase “Envoys of Ode Sky” has to be translated and create a key. It’s a simple puzzle that doesn’t require any technical skill, as the developer has placed some of the symbols over the matching character. Use the subsequent symbols to replicate the letters K and D. 

Sign Up and Register

After solving the fun and intriguing code puzzle, scroll down to key in your email and favorite in-game name, then click register. This registration process activates and authenticates your reserved envoy title for future use. 

Just because we said the name reservation is easy doesn’t mean everyone will have a smooth time reserving their name on Soulframe. Some gamers have reported problems with the site taking so long to load. Other games say they couldn’t reserve their name even after trying multiple times, and the “already used email” error keeps popping up.

All these issues are bugs that the site’s technical team solves within minutes. Sometimes, the site may be down, so be patient throughout the procedure.

We’ll be posting more Soulframe content as we get to know more.