How To Get Unkempt Harold – Borderlands 3

How To Get Unkempt Harold – Bounty of Blood DLC has finally dropped, the update size is 14.9GB which will take a while for most of us to download. The update features new a new vehicle, multiple legendaries to farm, and a whole new planet. In this guide, we will find out where how you … Read more

How to get Globetrottr in Borderlands 3

Globetrottr is the new legendary Rocket Launcher introduced with the Guardian Takedown update. In this article, we will talk about this weapon and how you can get it. If you weren’t able to get the Yellowcake, this might be what you need. The Globetrottr has good enough DPS. It drops in Incendiary, Corrosive, Shock, Cryo, … Read more

How To Get Web Slinger (BL3) – Borderlands 3

Guardian Takedown update released some days back brought some new legendaries for everyone to farm. The experience hasn’t been good enough, since all the Mayhem 10 weapons were nerfed, and the new activity is still broken. Everyone on Reddit and Borderlands forums is raging about how hard this activity is. Let’s talk about Web Slinger … Read more

How to Start Takedown at the Guardian Breach – Borderlands 3

So this is another small content drop before we get the big DLC called Bounty of Blood. This is similar to the other takedown activity known as maliwan takedown introduced some time back. If you are wondering how to start it, worry no more continue reading to find out. This is a free update and … Read more

How To Start Bounty of Blood DLC – Borderlands 3

Bounty of Blood DLC is now available to download, you can get it right away by firing up your game client. This DLC drop is a part of the season pass, you can also get it separately by buying it for $11. The update was supposed to drop on June 4, but it was delayed … Read more