How To Start Bounty of Blood DLC – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Bounty of Blood DLC is now available to download, you can get it right away by firing up your game client. This DLC drop is a part of the season pass, you can also get it separately by buying it for $11. The update was supposed to drop on June 4, but it was delayed due to what’s happening around the world.

So the update is finally here, I haven’t been able to dive in yet as I will be completing the DLC with my friends. The official page mentions that this update will bring in new features, a new vehicle called Jetbeast, a new planet called Gehenna, Legendary items, Vault Hunter Heads, Vehicle Skins, Interactive Room Decorations, and more. Gearbox creative director Matt Cox also revealed that this DLC won’t bring any old NPC’s back.

You can also boost your level right away (probably a paid thing) to get right into Gehenna without completing any old missions. There’s level scaling in Borderlands 3 so playing at lower levels shouldn’t be a problem.

How To Start Bounty of Blood DLC – Borderlands 3

The update was just released, we are completing the missions and stuff at the moment. More information will be published here.

The last update, Takedown at the Guardian Breach can be deemed as a flop. The initial encounters were really hard, enemies had huge health pool and the overall rewards were underwhelming (Web-Slinger & Globetrottr). Bounty of Blood is a DLC so it should surely have some good content, more information about the best legendaries and tutorials will be published in the coming days.