Vor’s Prize Quest Walkthrough

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Vor’s Prize is the first quest that you get to play in Warframe, this is a progression based quest that guides the players throughout the various systems in the game. In this quest you get to choose your starter Warframe, the choices being Excalibur, Mag and Volt. Recommended to go with Excalibur since it’s a really decent damage and solo frame for starters.

Vor’s Prize Quest Walkthrough

Unlike all other pages around, we like to keep it simple. You will follow with the lore when you play the game we will just help you with completing it.


When the game is started, you will immediately go into a cinematic mode following up with the lore and then you will be given the choice to select your starter frame, select Excalibur. Now you would have to fight with some Grineer enemies with your frame powers.

Just progress as the game says and complete the mission, later on you will also be rewarded with a Skana and Lato.

Restore Ship Comms

The Grineer have stolen everything from the Orbiter, the systems are now damaged. You have to retrieve the data back from the Grineer by hacking into their systems. This next mission is very easy, you just have to hack into the Grineer system and extract.

Liberate The Imprisoned Dealer

In this mission you have to rescue a black market dealer named Darvo who is really sympathetic towards the Tenno cause. The Grineer have captured him and now you have to land in Mariana, Earth and rescue him from the prison.

In between the mission, Vor will gain access to your frame using the Ascaris, just extract after a while. On completion of this mission, you will be rewarded with an Ascaris Negator blueprint that will help you get rid of the device that Vor has put on your frame to control it.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 30 sec
Rush: Platinum64 0

Mods Awarded: Damaged Vitality and Redirection.

Locate the Foundry Segment

The Ascaris Negator cannot be crafted yet because you don’t have the Foundry system installed in your Orbiter. This mission is where you go out and locate the Foundry Segment. After obtaining the Foundry Segment, Lotus will order you to finish all the Grineer enemies around and then extract.

You will be awarded with a damaged Pressure Point and Fury Mod upon completion of this mission.

Now that you have secured the Foundry Segment, go downstairs right and install the segment. Now you have to find the materials required to craft the Ascaris Negator that you were given by Darvo. In the next mission you will have to find Corpus Supply Cache containing the required materials.

Raid The Corpus Resource Caches

Run around and collect the Corpus Resource Caches.

Upon completion you will be rewarded with damaged Steel Fiber and Enemy Sense mods.

Obtain The Mercury Nav Segment

Mercury is where Vor is, in order to get rid of the Ascaris completely you have to fight with Vor. This mission is about Obtaining the Nav segment to find out the location of Vor. Once you retrieve the segment a Sabotage mission will start and the ship will blow within 5 minutes. Within these 5 minutes you have to extract or the mission will fail. Pretty easy.

Upon completion you will be rewarded with damaged Stretch and Intensify mods.

Confront Captain Vor

Captain Vor has been located without his elite guard on Cambria, Earth. This is the right time to eliminate him, you get into fight with Captain Vor in this mission. After a brief battle, Vor will die and the Ascaris will deintegrate from your Warframe.

This is the last part of the quest, after completing this, the quest will be marked as complete.