Heart of Deimos Quest Walkthrough

Heart of Deimos Quest is the new addition with the latest update, the update is also called Heart of Deimos, hence the name. We have already covered about the Xaku Warframe, the patch notes that you can check out. In this article, we will complete the quest step-by-step and cover it here. The article is a work in progress … Read more

The Sacrifice Walkthrough

The Sacrifice Walkthrough – The Sacrifice has to be the most awaited quest of all time, I have been waiting for the unveil since they announced it in TennoCon 2017. There was just a teaser with Excalibur Umbra roaming around, everyone was so hyped and shouting. The time has come, Digital Extremes has confirmed that … Read more

Vor’s Prize Quest Walkthrough

Vor’s Prize is the first quest that you get to play in Warframe, this is a progression based quest that guides the players throughout the various systems in the game. In this quest you get to choose your starter Warframe, the choices being Excalibur, Mag and Volt. Recommended to go with Excalibur since it’s a … Read more