Vengeful Revenant

Vengeful Revenant is a rare stance mod that is used for Sword Type Weapons. This mod is generally dropped by Conculyst, Ratthum (mission 3) and conclave weekly challenges.

Mod Stats

  • Polarity – V (Madurai)
  • RarityRare
  • Dropped By – Conculyst, Ratthum, Conclave Weekly Challenge


Below are the combos of this mod

Vengeful Revenant is V polarity stance and can be equipped on the following weapons:

  • Broken War
  • Cronus
  • Ether Sword
  • Heat Sword
  • Dark Sword
  • Prisma Skana
  • Skana Prime
  • Dakra Prime
  • Jaw Sword
  • Mire
  • Pangolin Sword
  • Plasma Sword
  • Skana

How To Farm Vengeful Revenant

As mentioned earlier vengeful revenant is one of the rarest mods in game. Then there are the slim chances of 3% of a mod to drop at all from an enemy, 2.01 chance for it to be rare and 20% for that rare mod to be Vengeful Revenant.

It is best to take a full-ivara team with Artemis bow + Prowl build for the best results. Exterminate missions are the best for farming this mod; the mod can be dropped in the Ratthum mission which is used to obtain points to get in the Kela de Thaym assassination mission (Boss of Sedna).

Below I’m sharing a video that will cover everything in detail related to the farming.

Please comment below if you find any mistakes in this article, English is not my first language so there might be a few mistakes. But I am happy to change it and learn more. Thanks for reading.

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