How to Obtain Gara Prime Parts and Relics: Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Gara, the lustrous frame of glass, capable of sundering and rendering her foes helpless with glistening adamantine shards, now has her primed variant, Gara Prime, released on Warframe Prime Access. She’s officially #32 on the Prime Frame list, and though you can obtain her right away platinum and real-life money, there’s always a cheaper yet arduous way of adding her to your ever-growing frame collection. 

With that said, why wouldn’t you want her? After all, this glistening glass maiden can reflect enemy attacks with enchanted mirrors and reshape the landscape with molten glass. We can safely say she’s worth the effort, and thankfully, you can take on specific missions so you can have the chance to obtain relics and parts you can use to build her. 

So, if this crystalline femme fatale is part of your wishlist, here’s how you can obtain Warframe Gara Prime relics and components:

Gara Prime: Where and how to farm

Much like all frames in Warframe, you need to have her blueprint, as well as the individual ones for her chassis, neuroptics, and systems. 

Gara Prime Relics

  • Gara Prime Blueprint – Axi G6 – Rare
    • To obtain this, we encourage you to Xini on Eris, which is an Interception Mission – the B and C rotations hand out an Axi Relic. You can also opt to go to Apollo on Lua, as defending all four nodes will guarantee an Axi drop. 
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – Meso P5 – Uncommon
    • The two of the best options are Io on Jupiter and Olympus Disruption on Mars. The former’s defense mission has a high chance of giving out the blueprint while defending all the nodes in the latter will guarantee a Meso relic. 
  • Systems Blueprint Neo A5 – Common
    • Same as the Gara Prime Blueprint: Xini on Eris. The A rotation guarantees a Neo relic drop. There’s also the option to head over to Ur on Uranus to do the Disruption mission. 
  • Chassis Blueprint – Lith K6 – Uncommon
    • Two of the best options include Hepit in the Void and Olympus on Mars. The former’s capture mission will give out a Lith Relic once completed. The latter involves a more difficult Disruption mission but has a high chance of yielding what you’re looking for. 

Crafting Requirements

Once you’ve farmed all the relics and blueprints you need, the next step is to ensure you have enough materials to craft them. Here’s a short rundown of what you need: 

  • Neuroptics – 12 hours
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 6,750 Ferrite
    • 1,500 Rubedo
    • 10 Neurodes
    • 2 Argon Crystal
  • Systems – 12 hours
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 4,375 Salvage
    • 1,350 Circuits
    • 2 Tellurium
    • 2 Nitain Extract
  • Chassis – 12 hours
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 8,750 Nano Spores
    • 2,150 Polymer Bundle
    • 250 Oxium
    • 7 Gallium

Once you have all the components, crafting Gara Prime requires another 25,000 credits, five Orokin Cells, and a 72-hour wait. After which, she’s all yours! 

So, have you crafted Gara Prime, and how do you find her? Let us know down in the comments!