Sevagoth Frame Blueprints and Components: Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Sevagoth is the specter of death and the bane of the enemies of the Tenno, and we’re sure you’d want to have him as fast as possible. After all, this captain of a Railjack ghost ship is a versatile damage-dealer, thanks to its fearsome AoE abilities, which fill his Death Well, his passive activity. 

So, if you’re working towards having Sevagoth on your list of frames, here’s a short guide to help you achieve this. 

Unlocking Sevagoth

To unlock the Sevagoth blueprint, you first need to finish the story quest, Call of the Tempestarii. Without diving deep into spoilers, this is where you’ll encounter the ghost Railjack ship and Sevagoth himself. It’s an action-packed mission where you have to deal with Vala Glarios, a Corpus captain with a grudge against the spectral captain after a past run-in. 

Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll then obtain Sevagoth’s main blueprint as well as that of his signature weapon, the Epitaph. 

Farming Sevagoth blueprints and crafting requirements

Let’s say you’ve finished the quest, received the primary blueprint, and are ready to farm for Sevagoth’s component blueprints. 

The only place where you can acquire them is on the Void Fissures (also known as Void Storms). Specifically, they’re in: 

  • Veil Proxima
  • Pluto Proxima
  • Neptune Proxima

However, note you’ll only have a meager 10% chance of acquiring them once you’ve completed the missions. It’ll be a bit of a long grind, but hey, it’ll be worth it, and if you’re a longtime Warframe player, you’ve done this before. 

After you’ve obtained them, you can then proceed to craft them. Here are the requirements for each component: 

  • Sevagoth Neuroptics – 12 hours
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 2,750 Salvage
    • 1,200 Titanium
    • 750 Rubedo
    • 6 Neural Sensors
  • Sevagoth Systems
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 2,950 Nano Spores
    • 250 Oxium
    • 15 Asterite
    • 2 Argon Crystal
  • Sevagoth Chassis
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 3,300 Alloy Plate
    • 650 Cryotic
    • 8 Morphics
    • 2 Nullstones

Once you have all the components, it takes an additional 25,000 Credits, 3 Orokin Cells, and 72 hours to craft the frame itself. 

Obtaining Epitaph

Epitaph is Sevagoth’s signature weapon and is definitely something you’d want to have to fully experience what the frame has to offer. This wrist-mounted sidearm fires charged and uncharged shots, with the former having a high critical chance and punch-through effect. It is also effective against health and shields, thanks to its high slash and impact damage. 

To get Epitaph, you need to obtain its blueprints, and you can do so on Void Storm missions, specifically on: 

  • Earth Proxima
  • Venus Proxima
  • Saturn Proxima

Note that all its blueprints (main, barrel, and receiver) have a 10% chance drop, which means you may have to perform these quests repeatedly. Once you’ve successfully acquired them, you need to have an additional 20,000 Credits and 7 Orokin Cells. Wait for 12 hours, and voila, your opponents are sure to have a gravestone soon, thanks to Epitaph. 

So, let us know what you think. Is Sevagoth worth the grind, and if you have him around, is he truly the spectral harbinger of death? 

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