How to Get Trinity in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

While the theme in Warframe is all about fights and battle missions, there are a few characters that come in handy with rejuvenation and support. 

One of these characters is the Trinity Warframe which, according to players, is one of the game’s most incredible battery and team support. In particular, Trinity has the reputation of Warframe’s leading support-based character. Her capabilities range from restoring and preserving teammates to even draining opponents’ lives and energy. In short, Trinity is a sure win to last long in an attack and help redirect or dissipate the attacks.

The Trinity Warframe is quite popular since it’s very beneficial and even helps determine fights. Fortunately, Warframe provides players with the ability to farm the Trinity character and improve the in-game experience.

Today, we set out to explore the Trinity build guide on how to get the Warframe and for free. Let us dive in.

So, how do you Get Trinity In Warframe For Free?

The Trinity Warframe is acquired through a two-step process involving purchases and missions. First, the Trinity primary blueprint is only available through a purchase on the Warframe market. For this main blueprint, each buy costs 25,000 Credits with the purchase made from the orbiter.

Additionally, extra component blueprints are achieved through in-game missions, specifically beating the Ambulas. You can also purchase a complete Trinity build for 225 Warframe Platinum if need be. Such a purchase allows for a faster character launch while also helping you skip the whole farming process plus missions.

Defeating The Ambulas

The first phase before even fighting the Ambulas in Hades on Pluto is to accumulate enough Animo Nav Beacons for beginners.

Getting The Animo Nav Beacons

Once you navigate the star system, you are expected to reach Hades on Pluto. The planet provides you with your assassination target and the Animo beacons you need before the Ambula fighting.

Each player needs to acquire 20 Animo Nav Beacons for this challenge before making a challenge to fight the Ambulas. The best way to quickly accumulate these beacons is to get them through the various Corpus missions with the open-air tileset.

These corpus missions provide you with special corpus drop ships that bring alongside many corpus units. Every three to five minutes, each of these dropships makes endless defense or interception missions which are where you get a chance of Animo beacons. You can successfully bring these beacons by attacking these special corpus drop ships and hacking them to gain control. However, you will need to successfully hack each drop ship properly till the Animo Nav beacons drop.

Fighting Against the Ambulas

Once successful with the Animo Nav beacons, you need to make your way to the fighting arena to trigger the Ambula fight. The fighting happens in two phases, with the first fight leveling up to the second.

First encounter

In your initial fight phase, the corpus drop ships bring along one to three Ambulas which drop down on you. Your fight against these Ambulas will involve first shooting them down, then hacking them so they stay down.

Second encounter

While the Ambulas is down and hacked, you will need to prevent further enemies from coming into contact with it. The enemies, including flying drones, can close and hack the Ambulas while down. This will, in turn, reactivate the Ambulas again, meaning you have to fight them once more.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, shoot down any hovering enemies before they sneak up and resuscitate your dead Ambulas.

After shooting and hacking the enemies, the dropships make a come back to pick the Animus units. Here you upload the hacked units to the mothership, with each hacked Ambulas needing protection. Our best weapons for this Ambulas fight are Mesa, Nova, and the Oberon.

Trinity Build Farming

Once you are successful in your Beacons and Ambulas missions, you can begin gathering all the resources necessary to craft the Trinity Warframe. As it stands, the following resources are needed when building the different Trinity blueprints.

Trinity Main Blueprint

The primary blueprint will need you to accumulate 25,000 Credits, an Orokin Cell, and the rest unlocked blueprints(Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems).

Trinity Neuroptics

The Neuroptics blueprint is unlocked with 15,000 Credits, 500 Rubedo, 150 Alloy Plate, 1150 Polymer Bundles, and a Neural Sensor.

Trinity Chassis

Each Chassis blueprint unlocks with 15,000 Credits, 1000 Ferrite, 300 Rubedo, and one Morphic.

Trinity Systems

The Systems blueprints also require you to build up 15,000 Credits, 500 Salvage, 220 Plastids, a Morphic, and a Control Module.

With all the Trinity blueprints’ resources in place, your next step is to gather them plus the Credits to craft your Warframe. Each Trinity Warframe resource takes 12 hours, while the Warframe itself takes at least 72 hours for the character to develop in the Foundry fully.


From our lay down, how to get Trinity in Warframe is not an uphill task for players. It takes lots of fight playtime and building up of resources, and you will have your Trinity healing teammates in no time.