How To Get Nyx in Warframe

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

While all other Warframes are best at doing the fighting themselves, few work with a mechanism that lets foes destroy themselves.

Enter the Nyx Warframe, a top-level female Warframe deceiver and manipulator with mind control powers that make enemies betray and attack each other till their demise. From this chaos, the Nyx can also harness more attack power from the surrounding enemies by taking in enemy damage and then deflecting it back.

So, how do you get Nyx in Warframe? Fortunately, we get to answer this query plus explain more about the inside of the Warframe’s gameplay. 

How Do You Get Nyx Prime Warframe?

When looking to get the Nyx Warframe, players will need to fight and farm her parts from the Phorid, a horrid gigantic boss. However, the Phorid is only accessible when an Infested Invasion happens. Thus, opposing the Phorid requires an Infested Invasion within a specific node. 

Players can identify when an active Invasion is taking place by checking in-game. You will need to head over to the Navigation screen, then move to the missions section in the top right corner. Inside this section, you will identify symbols of fists by listing all the Invasions. These fist symbols highlight where active Infested Invasions are happening and a possible Phorid Assassination mission. 

Fighting The Phorid

When fighting the Phorid, you may have to consider several factors. For starters, the Phorid is a huge Warframe opponent who can deal considerable damage against opponents. The Warframe is also a boss unit, meaning it comes with some special attacks to deal massive damage to the enemies. 

You will need to pick the best Warframes to fight against the Phorid with such capabilities. Among the best options to increase your chances against the Phorid, includes Warframes such as the Ember, Inaros, Valkyr, Rhino, and the Barsuk.

Defeating The Phorid Boss

Once you pick on any of these Warframes, you are ready to get the hang of a Phorid fight. However, you may need to equip your Warframe choice with heavy weapons to deal corrosive damage to the Phorid. The Phorid is also known for its severe attacks with Spine Strikes, a signature attack with bolts of psychic energy capable of penetrating enemies’ shields. 

To guide against the Spine Strikes, you may have to take cover with solid objects that the attacks won’t penetrate. In addition, keep your character away from the Phorid to lessen the damage of the heavy attacks. You can best achieve this by watching out for the Spine Strikes’ distinct glow and keeping your distance. 

You can now go on the offensive after learning how to defend against a Phorid attack. Your attack will see you unload your heavy Warframe guns on the Phorid. Remember that the Phorid has a Ferrite and Fossilized armor to protect it from your weapons. However, you can counter this with corrosive builds, which will whittle down the armor and damage its health pool. Additionally, you can count the Phorid’s lack of shields to come in handy in reducing the fight duration. 

Crafting The Nyx

After defeating the Phorid, you get to collect the necessary parts to craft your Nyx Warframe. Still, you will need to farm for blueprints’ resources to finalize the crafting process. Each blueprint comes with easy-to-find and farm resources available for free during play. However, the Nyx Main blueprint is only available for 25,000 Warframe Credits. 

The rest of the Nyx Warframe blueprints include: 

Nyx Neuroptic

The Nyx blueprint requires the following resources: 15,000 Credits, 500 Rubedo, 150 Alloy Plate, 150 Polymer Bundle, and 1 Neural Sensor. 

Nyx Systems

For the Systems blueprint, Warframe requires you to have 15,000 Credits, 1000 Ferrite, 300 Rubido, and 1 Morphic. 

Nyx Chassis

Each Chassis blueprint will need 15,000 Credits, 500 Salvage, 220 Plastids, 1 Morphic, and 1 Control Module.

Each resource material is available on specific planets, but all have a common build-time of 12-hours. Once each resource is crafted, you will combine it with the Nyx Main blueprint to finish the Warframe. The final build process takes three days, but you can bypass this with a direct Nyx Warframe purchase using Platinum. 


As the deceiver and crew manipulator, the Nyx Warframe is often overlooked as less powerful. But the uncanny character and powerful psychic capability make the Nyx a good pick for your Warframe team. Fortunately, we now have you covered on how to get the Nyx in Warframe.