Destiny Season of the Chosen

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

2021 is shaping up to be an uneventful year! Do not sweat as the people from bungie has released the Season of the Chosen! It is time to gear up Guardians! A new character has shown interest in the conflict and has entered the fray. Empress Caiatl, known as the Princess-Imperial has made her presence known. Planning to overthrow her father Emperor Calus and bring humans as subjects, the war for the Darkness and The Hive rages on. Zavala, not taking too kindly of this new adversary, refuses to work with the Princess-Imperial.  The Cabal, motivated by taking over systems by force, has emerged as a new threat. As a guardian, you must do your best to stop this oncoming horde. Suit up, as the time for talking is finished! The conflict is about get more hectic! 

New PVE activities, New Exotics, New story content. The new update from Bungie adds more to the already rich lore of the Destiny franchise. Serve as the champion for the Last City in Battlegrounds, gather two mates and face the Princess-Imperial’s strongest lieutenants! Start off with a Challenger Rises Quest, Lord Saladin will task you eliminate an army of Cabal to undermine the leadership and authority of the Princess. March your way to Battlegrounds, a worthy and necessary grind to eliminate the uprising. Three codes are needed to move on to the next are, prepare as this would be a gauntlet thrown at you, with powerful semi bosses show at the end of each fight. Ride your sparrow and destroy the next group, bring the shield down and pick up the Bell of Conquest and prepare to move on. Celebrate your victories and increase your power, get Seasonal Mods, and customize the way you play. Another new feature is the H.E.L.M, Hub for Emergency and Logistical Maneuvers, a private launching spot for seasonal content. The Vanguard are a little bit secretive on the past events and the real story will begin to unfold. Go to the War Table and launch new quests and interact with other characters. A new item will be introduced called the Hammer of The Proving. Go medieval and break those chests to get great rewards. Complete Strikes and collect Cabal gold to use in forging medallions and inset them in the Hammer, customizing the kind of rewards that you receive. The Hammer of The Proving also provides you a record of everything you have accomplished so far for the season of the chosen.  Two more battlegrounds called the Cleansing and The Oracle. One section of The Oracle will let you play bodyguard to one of the Ghosts and get the codes, like the cleansing in the cosmodrome.  Vex will come swarming and includes three shielded Wyverns, pick up orbs and throw them directly to the Wyverns for maximum elimination.  Finish The Oracle and you will get a tribute chest and go back to the War Table to identify your Umbral Engram.

A distress call would lead you to a far away planet to retrieve an Exotic artifact, Dead Man’s Tale, find the Exotic Scout Rifle that provides extra damage for Precision hits, no need to zoom as the Hipfire rate provides accuracy, lock stock and smoke the enemies!

 The stranger has a new collection of Statis Aspects and fragments and giving you more options in combat. Get caught up in the raids, dungeons, and other general quests. Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit have also added new weapons that would make the hardcore gamer blush with excitement. The highlight of the new season is an exotic set called Ticuu’s Divination, armed with homing arrows. This is humanity’s counter punch for the invaders. Another weapon that you might fancy would be the Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher, a ritual weapon, complete the Messy Business quest by completing 75x matches from the Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit play lists. Obtain 7,500 points from enemies and get extra by blowing them up with grenades and grenade launchers as your final blow.

Quest details have now been enriched to avoid players going over the menu and checking for objectives. This makes for a more immersive and motivating action in quests. Rituals have also been modified, players can now turn in gunsmith materials 100 at a time and 20 vanguard tokens, enough to increase their rank.

Reputation now shows at the bottom of the screen, Valor, Glory, and Infamy no longer block players from taking actions while in orbit. Gambit gives you more reliable gathering through the new mote system. Crucible’s Iron Banner has removed skill-based matchmaking from the Tooltip and Survival has changed the life count from 6 to 4.

With the new updates rolled around, players will have more options to play and get reintroduced to this first-person shooter.  Heed the call of the light Guardian.