Looking for a way to Trade with Other Players in Path of Exile – Here’s a Trading Guide for You

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

In 2013 a game was released that won millions of people’s hearts within no time and acknowledged itself as the best Action Role-playing video game. The developer behind the creation of Path of Exile was Grinding Gear Games who are planning to release Path of Exile 2 soon. The game itself is an entire world where you confront monsters and other deadly enemies, NPCs, and many other players. Before jumping into the fantasy-themed world, you have an option to create your character using dozens of possibilities because you are the one who needs to live the character all the time whenever you come to play the game. Besides that, the game features both Single-player and Multiplayer components to make the game a bit more impressive.

Moreover, there are many large outdoor areas, dungeons, and caves available where you aim to take on wild monsters; meanwhile, completing the requirements of challenging quests received from NPCs to gain experience points and useful tools. The majority of features and aspects are borrowed from the Diablo Series; however, all the scenes and the environment surrounding you are randomly generated. Therefore, you will find everything changed whenever you back to play the game after a break.

Trading in Path of Exile

You would be surprised to know if you are new to Path of Exile that trading with other players is a whole new world/game in itself. Almost every item you find during the adventure you can use to trade with others. In case you are familiar with the right stuff, you can make absurd amounts of money with no worries. Besides that, what would happen if you don’t know how to trade with other players in Path of Exile?

If you are one of those players who are just landed on the game, you should know that one of the beautiful things that make them perfect for playing is its bartering economy system. The game doesn’t feature a single currency, unlike the Diablo 3 video game. You need to purchase items, weapons, and equipment from Non-player characters or other online players. Instead of that, you can get involved in trading with more than one currency that you can double, like crafting resources. Selling any item to a vendor may help you earn one of the in-game currencies.

Learn How to Trade in Path of Exile (PoE)

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t implement any infrastructure to help other players in trading, unlike many other Online Role-playing Games. Apart from that, the game doesn’t feature any auction house to explore; it means you have to find out a person physically and start your Trade manually. The introduced interface for trading is pretty standard that helps you bring items from your inventory to the trade window, although it requires both players should be agreed before the Trade gets ends.

How to find what other players have for sale?

 As mentioned above, the economic system is a bit tricky, and no introductions are released regarding its use. Similarly, the question arises among all that how to find other players who intend to sell their items. Here we suggest you use a tool, Poe.trade, as it is built into the Path of Exile’s official page and allows you to search through items to find what other players have to offer you.

Learn how the said process works:

·         Visit the tool poe.trade and start searching for the item you are looking for.

·         Hit the button labeled Whisper, available next to the name of the Seller.

·         Let the seller know you are interested in purchasing the item the buyer has by merely sending him an automated

generated message.

·         The player will message you back if he is online and invite you to their hideout to trade.

·         Don’t forget to bring the currency with you before starting the deal.

·         You can complete the deal at the hideout of the seller.

Path of Exile – How to Sell Items

After knowing how to find sellers and purchase items you are searching for, you should also know how to sell items in your inventory. Although selling items is a bit trickier than purchasing,  helps you learn the system. Selling items require you to spend a lit bit of money to list items for sale and make them appear on the tool we suggest you above. Despite paying for listing your items, you have to pay for the premium stash tab. You know what? The premium tabs come with some handy features:

·         Rename Items anytime.

·         Select the color for easy organization. 

·         Let other websites like poe.trade index your items as you set them for the Public.

Following the steps, you can set your items for sale and deal with other players in your hideout to earn in-game currency.