How To Get Corrosive Projection in Warframe – Farming Guide

Corrosive Projection is an aura mod that reduces the armor of all the enemies you will encounter in a mission. As an aura mod, the armor reduction also applies to your squad as well, making missions and runs a bit easier to complete.  This mod is actually one of the strongest aura mods in the … Read more

Warframe modding guide for beginners

Warframe modding guide for beginners If you’ve just started playing warframe, you are very likely feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount and complexity of the content the game suddenly drops on you.  Don’t worry though, for we can guide you through the most core concept of the game, i.e modding weapons. Modding weapons The very … Read more

Riven Mods and their impact on Warframe

Modding is the most integral mechanic of Warframe. No weapon is good enough on its own, and as any veteran player would tell you, mods maketh the player. Modding has also undergone some serious overhauls and reworks over the years to work out flaws and bugs, nerf stuff into oblivion (poor Maiming Strike) and buff … Read more

Necramech Mods Farming Guide

If you’ve played the Deimos quest, you might already know that Necramechs are powerful machines that you get access to after a while. Similar to frames, you can mod these too. However, Necramech can only be used in open-world areas such as Plains of Eidolon and Deimos. The mods can be used to boost basic … Read more