How To Get Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2 – A Good Match

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Getting the exotic catalyst is not something really easy, you will have to grind for it. Similar to the last two seasons you will get a quest from Banshee after you obtain the Tommy’s Matchbook Auto Rifle. This quest is called A Good Match, let’s find out how we can complete it easily and efficiently.

You have to own the season pass to be able to obtain this new exotic, purchase the season pass directly from Eververse. After that open the season pass and click on the first box

How To Get Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic Catalyst

Quest – A Good Match

  • Points Earned – 0/400
  • Auto Rifle Combatant Multikills 0/200
  • Auto Rifle Guardian Deaths 0/100

The quest card says that you will earn progress by completing strike playlists, Nightgfalls and Legend or Master-tier Ordeal Nightfalls. Complete nightfalls with your friends or clan mates and complete all the points, make sure you use an auto rifle while you do this.

After completing the two things, head to the crucible and take down 100 guardians, this will take a while. For Auto Rifle kills just use Suros Regime or any rifle of your liking. The time required will be dependent on your skill.

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