Is Warframe Down? How To Check Warframe Server Status

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

You may be wondering… is Warframe down right now?

Warframe is a free-to-play co-op action game developed by Digital Extremes. This shooter is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. There are hundreds of thousands of players worldwide across global servers.

If you want to know if Warframe is down, there are several ways to check its server status. 

Is Warframe Down? How To Check Warframe Server Status

Find out how to monitor the game’s server status by following the five different ways to do so in this article.

How To Check Warframe Server Status

These are some ways you can check the current status of the servers for Warframe. Most of them consist of websites that track the status of the game servers. These sites usually gather reports from players who also experienced the same issue.

1) Check

ServicesDown is a website that displays the status of several online services. It can show you if Warframe servers are down for the past 24 hours. This Warframe server status checker can accept reports for servers hosted in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Australia, Spain, and Colombia.

It updates in real-time whenever someone submits a report. In addition, you can also read the latest comments from people who also checked the servers.

Check ServicesDown to see Warframe’s status. 

2) Check helps you find out whether your favourite game is experiencing server issues by showing you if it’s down or experiencing service interruptions.

It features a Warframe Outage Map and a list of areas where there may be server issues. There’s also an Outage History checker to see the dates wherein Warframe players have reported the most outages.

Visit to check Warframe’s status.

3) Check IsItDownRightNow is an online platform that offers a fast and easy way to figure out the status of game servers. Instead of using reports gathered from players’ submissions, it has its own built-in web tool that attempts to start a connection with the server. From there, it determines if Warframe servers are available or not.

Among all the other websites on the list, IsItDownRightNow is one of the more reliable websites to check Warframe’s status history. Unlike the aforementioned tools, this website displays the response time when accessing the server, helping you determine the speed as well.

Visit to determine if Warframe can be played.

4) Check Latest Twitter Updates

You can also check if Warframe servers are down by heading to Twitter and sorting through the #Warframe hashtag. It’s often seen as a more personal way of receiving notifications about outages since the updates come directly from players, although not always the most reliable.

With over 400 million users using the site, and nearly 500,000 players following Warframe’s page, you can get real-time messages from other fans in a fast and easy manner.

Visit Warframe’s official Twitter page @PlayWarframe for more direct updates regarding their server availability.

5) Check Warframe Forums

You can also search for your concern on the various communities and forums centred around Warframe. The game’s community is active within the forum, so you can get updates there as soon as they become available.

Some active forums that you can visit are:

From there, sort the latest threads and posts by “New” and see whether there’s chatter on the game’s servers. Then, you can find your answer if other community members are expressing their qualms about the game’s servers being down.