How To Use Warframe Riven Market To Make Platinum

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

To this day, Platinum still remains the most sought out resource in Warframe, and for the right reasons. It’s the game’s luxury currency, the game’s end all be all currency that you can use to pretty much do anything you want in the game. From purchasing exotic items in the market to rush craftings in the foundry, you’ll need Platinum. 

But what if you don’t have spare cash to spend on Warframe? Or what if… you’re more into the concept of trading and using Rivens to make Platinum? Well, you’re in the right place. 

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to use Warframe Riven market to make Platinum. Yes, you don’t need to spend a penny in Warframe to get Platinum. All you need is patience and bartering/negotiation skills to sell your best Riven Mods for Platinum. 

What Are Riven Mods?

Before we jump into specifics, let’s talk about Riven Mods first. What are they anyway and why should you bother getting or farming for them?

Riven Mods, in one way or another, are rare mods for each of the weapon types. Each Riven mod is completely unique from one another, even if they have the same characteristics and bonuses, as their stats will differ. 

What I mean by this is that you and your friend may get the exact same Riven mod, a Grakata Critatin for your primary weapon. While it is rare, there is a chance that both of you could get the same attributes boost, like +crit chance, +magazine capacity, and -reload speed. However, where your Riven Mods will differ is with the numbers. Your Riven mod could have a +200 crit chance while your friend only has +150 on him. See where this is going?

You will want a Riven mod for your Warframe as they greatly enhance its power and damage, especially in the endgame. This is why these mods are constantly sought out in the community (most commonly by hardcore endgame grinders). 

How To Get A Riven Mod

Let’s talk about farming for Riven Mods. Grinding for these is perhaps one of the most difficult activities you can do in Warframe. This is because getting Riven Mods heavily relies on RNG or hard missions in order to acquire. 

I won’t be getting into every single method of how to get a Riven mod as this article isn’t a standalone guide for Riven Mods, but I’ll be mentioning some below that are, what I think, worthwhile methods that you should check out, especially as a beginner or as a novice in Warframe. 

  1. Complete The War Within The Main Quest

One of the easiest and surefire ways to get your first Riven mod is to complete ‘The War Within’ main/story quest. Upon completion of this quest, you will receive a single, random Riven mod, along with other numerous rewards such as an Orvius Blueprint and a Broken Scepter. 

  1. Do Your Sorties

Sorties are another great way of getting Riven Mods despite being reliant on RNG. It’s important to note that each weapon type has its own drop chance, with melee Riven Mods being the highest and shotgun Riven Mods being the lowest. However, this doesn’t mean that shotgun Riven Mods cost more Platinum than melee Riven Mods. 

Weapon TypeDrop Chance %
Melee Riven Mods8.14%
Pistol Riven Mods7.61%
Rifle Riven Mods6.79%
Kitgun Riven Mods2%
Zaw Riven Mods2%
Shotgun Riven Mods1.36%

  1. Nightwrave System Chaiienges

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, you can grindNightwave System challenges and missions to rank up and get rewards such as Orokin Reactors, Kuvas, and of course, Riven Mods. The weapon type of the mods you’ll receive is going to be dependent on your rank and series, but the very first riven mod reward from ranking up is at Rank 14 – Rifle Riven Mod. 

How To Use Warframe Riven Market To Sell Your Mods And Make Platinum

Now we’re on the juicy part: selling your Riven Mods to make Warframe money AKA Platinum. There is no official Riven marketplace in Warframe or in Steam, so most players go to third party websites like to buy and sell Riven Mods in. 

For the purposes of this guide, I will be sticking with the platform as our marketplace of choice to sell your mods for Platinum. 

To get started, you’ll need to go to first and create an account. This process shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes as you will be using your Warframe-registered email address to make the registration process quicker. 

Done with that? The next step is to go to your profile at the “Profile” button at the top right corner and click on “Verify Now”. 

This will connect your Warframe account to Riven Market. Information such as your in-game name, platform, and Forum ID-alias will be required upon verification, so be ready with those. There is also a handy step-by-step guide besides the fill-up form to help you out with the verification process. 

After getting verified, you should now be able to see the Riven Mods you own in your Warframe account and have the ability to list them up for sale. In the future, you will also be able to list your mods up for auction and bidding, but this is still WIP according to the devs of Riven Market. For now, let’s stick to straight selling. 

How Do I Know My Riven Mods’ Price?

Alright, now you’re verified and you know how to list your Warframe Riven Mods for sale. What now? How much Platinum do I price them? How do I know if they’re worthy of being for sale?

Well, that’s the hardest part and the catch of having no official marketplace for selling Riven Mods. You’ll have to use your built-up knowledge of the game as well as scour existing items on the marketplace to gauge the prices for your Riven Mods. Since Riven Mods have no suggested retail prices, most players judge a mods’ Platinum value based on their stats, weapon type, and attribute bonuses. Obviously, the better these figures are, the higher the Platinum you can get for your mods. 

Let’s take this player’s listing for example. He’s selling a Twin Grakatas Vexidex with a +12% Status Chance and +12.9% Electricity for 50 Platinum. Do you think this is worth 50 Platinum? Personally, yes. These are good stats for electricity procs and crits. 

If you’re a relatively new player or a novice at Warframe, a good way to price your Riven Mods for Platinum is by heading over to where you can see a complete list of all the weapons in Warframe that you want to find a Riven mod for. It’s a handy tool that lets you see a Riven mod’s price history as well as its peak asking price, lowest asking price, and quantity in the market. According to this website, the most popular stats by price are crit chance, multi-shot, and damage, so if you’ve got Riven Mods that have insane +stats of these attributes, you can expect to get rich off them. 

How To List Your Mods For Sale And How Transactions Are Done

Great, now you’ve got a price on your mind. The last thing to do is to list that bad boy up on Riven Market and wait for potential buyers who are looking for the exact Riven mod that you have for sale. 

To list your Riven mod for sale, click on the ‘Sell’ button at the upper left corner of Riven Market and fill up the form below with your Riven mod’s data. Do note that you have to be extra careful while doing this as being off by one number can cause players to be misled by your listing. Just enter the data and numbers you see in your Riven Mods as is in Riven Market and you’re good to go. 

Once that’s all set up, you should now see your Riven mod officially for sale in the ‘Riven List’ button. 

Now this is where you play the waiting game and wait for a buyer to message you on Riven Market. Once you’ve got a message, be SURE to be vigilant and aware of who you’re talking to! As Riven Market is a third-party marketplace that is not supervised by Warframe, Steam, or any other platforms, scams are not a rare occurrence in the Riven Mods trading scene. Some common red flags are newly-registered accounts, players below MR 10, and if they are being too pushy or demanding while trading. 

If you’re certain that you’re not being scammed, then a typical transaction should go like this: 

  • Buyer sends you a message on Riven Market
  • They may or may not negotiate the price
  • Both of you agree on a set price
  • You exchange info and details
  • You both meet in-game and begin the trade

And voila! Congratulations on selling your very first Riven mod for Platinum! That is just the start though as Riven Mods are a whole ‘nother grind in the long list of Warframe’s endgame. 


Selling Riven Mods for Platinum is undeniably one of the many parts of Warframe’s endgame. Although it’s not exclusive for high-level and long-time Warframe players, it certainly makes it easier to know a lot about the game before jumping into trading Rivens. 

Funnily enough, one of the community’s long-running jokes is how you transition from becoming a monster-killing space ninja to a space merchant in Warframe. And that couldn’t be more true.

How did your first Riven Market transaction go? Be sure to let us know how many Platinum you got for your Riven Mods! We love hearing your comments!