How to Get Smeeta Kavat

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Cute, mysterious, and dangerous is the best way to describe Kavats. They’re pretty much similar to Kubrows and live in highly infested areas. If you need a reliable company, Kavats is the way to go. You’ll love them over and over during combat missions.

The feline creatures also exist in different patterns, breeds, colors, and palettes. Initially, there were just two types of kavats: Smeeeta and Adraza. With subsequent upgrades, Vasca, Venari, Sly Vulpaphyla, and Panzer Vulpaphyla were added.

Among the six companions, Smeeta Kavat is the most popular. It features attractive health and bleed-out timer, making it useful throughout the game. Further, the ability to gather loot makes Smeeta even more adorable. You’ll want to get this animal friend for more thrilling and successful missions. 

How to Get Smeeta Kavat

Getting a Smeeta Kavat is a lengthy process and requires some patience. Also, caution is essential since you’ll be handling the delicate Feral Kavat along the way. Here’s how to farm these ever-useful companions.


You’ll require the following for a disruption-free incubation process:

  • Orbiter Incubator
  • Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment
  • 10 Kavat Genetic Codes
  • Feral Kavats
  • Codex or Synthesis Scanner
  • Incubator Power Core

The first step to getting an incubator is completing the Venus Junction. That will unlock Howl of the Kudrow questline, which you’ve to complete to gain access into your Orbiter where the incubator is located.

Breeding can commence after accessing the Orbiters Incubator. However, you’ll be getting Kudrow’s. In order to farm Smeeta Kavat, you’ll need the Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment. Following are ways to get the upgrade segment.

  • Purchase it from the market for 175 platinum
  • Collect the blueprint that Hyekka Masters often drop
  • Purchase a researched version from a Dojo for 15,000 Credits

Further, scanning Feral Kavat with a Codex or Synthesis Scanner will award you 10 Kavat Genetic Codes. You can easily fetch Feral Kavat by completing an Orokin Derelict capture mission. While at it, remove your Sentinels weapon since it’s designed to attack Feral Kavat automatically. Alternatively, you obtain Feral Kavat from the market for five platinum.

After obtaining the Genetic Codes, you can now buy the blueprint assembly for the Upgrade Segment. Most importantly, be extra careful since Feral Kavat is pretty invisible. In fact, it appears as a pale outline, and it’s easy to damage them accidentally. Once that happens, these creatures will run away. 

Once everything is ready, breeding can commence. 


You’ll require about 48 hours completing this step. However, you can rush it with 15 platinum. You can use the Genetic Code Template or go the Random Incubation way. You’ll also be building the Incubator Power Core, which requires the following resources:

  • Purchase the Incubator Power Core blueprint for 15000 Credits
  • 10,000 Credits
  • 1 Argon Crystal
  • 2 Control Modules
  • 4500 Nano Spores

Just like the name suggests, it’s impossible to pre-determine the resultant Kavat variant if you opt for the Random Incubation method. Put it differently; the process automatically determines the sex, fur pattern, color, and other attributes of the Kavat.

The Genetic Code Template features specific Kavat traits. Those can be transferred to the

resultant animal during the breeding process. So, you can use the Genetic Code Templates to increase the chances of getting the type of Kavat you want.

Renaming Stage

Just after breeding, you can rename your Kavats at no cost. Afterward, each renaming session will cost 15 platinum. Although you can rename immature Kavats and keep them for as long as you want, you can’t rely on them for combat.

Luckily, they’ll always be located in the Orbiter, and maturing them is often instantaneous. Lastly, you can regress the age of a Smeeta Kavat. To accomplish that, place a mature feline in the incubator to get a baby version of it. Remember, you can’t use infants for missions.

Final Words

Warframe comprises over 15 forms of company. However, Kavats are loyal, making them great friends that you can rely on during missions. On top of that, they can use them during the early stages, through the middle stage, and even in the later stage of the game.

Smeeta Kavat, in particular, offers a player a range of buffs, loot, double XP, free energy, loot, and instant reloads. They can also distract targets, making them ever so helpful. In other words, the lengthy procedure of getting a Smeeta Kavata is nothing compared to the benefits of having them.