How To Get Robin’s Call Shotgun – Borderlands 3

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

I’ve had high-expectations from the Bounty of the Blood DLC, so far I am happy with the content we’ve gotten. There are so many guns to farm, builds to play around. My only complaint would be the small story, but that was compensated with the planet (it looks amazing!).

So far we’ve covered Unkempt Harold and Light Show, both of these are amazing weapons. Some of the weapons have made comeback from the older versions of BL3. In this guide, we will find out from where we can get the newly added Robin’s Call in Borderlands 3.

How To Get Robin’s Call (BL3) – Borderlands 3

Robin’s Call is a Legendary shotgun that was added to the game with the Bounty of Blood update. The gun is manufactured by Jakobs, so far I’ve gotten one with no element. The shotgun has very good damage and with the right crit builds, you can take down bosses within seconds.

You might remember “Call”, there is a whole series of Call weapons in the game. Namely, Lucian’s Call, Queen’s Call and King’s Call. All of these weapons have the trait of returning one bullet on critical hits.

Robin’s Call Stats

  • Red Text: Are you not he?
  • Damage: 3001×9
  • Accuracy: 56%
  • Handling: 56%
  • Reload Time: 2.4s
  • Fire Rate: 5.94/s
  • Magazine Size: 12

Keep in mind that the variant you get might be different from the one I’ve posted above (Iron-Willed Robin’s Call). Many times, there are multiple variants of the same guns. I will make sure to update the article with more variants as I find them.

Robin’s Call Drop Location (BL3)

You have to own the Bounty of the Blood DLC in order to access the new content. The new DLC costs $12 on Epic Games store you can purchase it separately or you can buy the season pass to get access to all the Season 1 content.

Robin’s Call drops from Garriden Loch located on Ashfall Peaks – Caldera Stronghold at Gehenna (the new planet). The weapon probably drops from more bosses/mini bosses. One of my friend got it from Lani Dixon, also located on Ashfall Peaks – Caldera Stronghold. Make sure you are on Mayhem 6 or above.

Garriden Loch on Ashfall Peaks
Lani Dixon on Gehenna


  • Name: Robin’s Call
  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Manufacturer: Jakobs
  • Drops from: Lani Dixon or Garriden Loch
  • Deals high damage and can take down bosses in seconds.
  • Only available on Mayhem 6 or higher

There are around 23 legendaries that were introduced with this update, I will make sure to update them on the website as I find about them.

That’s all we had for the newly added legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3. Do comment below if this article helped you out.