How To Get Osteo Striga Exotic SMG & Catalyst in Destiny 2 – Witch Queen

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

With the launch of the Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2, Bungie has introduced several new exotics into the game, all of which at this point are must-haves for any player.  This article will discuss how to unlock the Osteo Striga Exotic SMG.

In quite a contentious decision, Bungie has locked the Osteo Striga Exotic SMG behind the deluxe edition of the Witch Queen expansion, which is $79.99USD.  At the time of writing, if you do not own the deluxe edition, you will not have access to this weapon.  I do not like this precedent for many reasons that I will not go into, but it is listed in the Steam store very, very vaguely as pictured below.  As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to purchasing Destiny, you’re best off buying the most deluxe (expensive) version available, as there are multiple times a weapon has been locked behind the purchasing of a season, a preorder, or a deluxe edition (looking at you Coldheart, Hawkmoon, Dead Man’s Tale). 

If you did not purchase the deluxe edition, you will eventually be given access to the weapon, but it will be most likely after this current season or at worst when the next major expansion launches in 12-18 months. 

With that being out of the way, I have to say that this exotic is unbelievably good.  The weapon “fires a stream of sentient, toxic projectiles that track the targeted enemy.”  Landing a final blow or multiple-precision hits triggers a burst that poisons nearby targets.  This gun is an ad-clearing machine, and you need to make this a priority to obtain.  This guide will walk you through how to obtain the weapon.

How To Get Osteo Striga

After completing the Witch Queen campaign, which took me and my fireteam approximately 8-10 hours on Legendary the first time through and approximately 5 hours solo on normal difficulty on my subsequent playthrough, you return to the Enclave social space.  Enter the Triumphs page and then into the Patterns and Catalyst tab on the right-hand side of the screen.  You will be able to unlock the Pattern for the exotic SMG here.

After unlocking the Pattern, head to the table to shape the weapon.  Since the weapon is currently only Level 1, you will not have access to many of the perks/traits that become available with the use of the weapon as well as using the weapon when completing activities.  For a full guide on the Weapon Crafting system, click here.  The material price is steep initially, but well worth it.  After completing the campaign, I had all the required materials without having to grind for any.  Check the photo below for a complete list of materials needed.

Osteo Striga Catalyst

I’m sure that you noticed in the picture from the Steam Store listing above that it mentions you also receive the catalyst and an ornament for purchasing the Deluxe Edition.  In order to insert the Catalyst, it requires the gun to be Level 10, and also requires 3 Ascendant Alloys to insert.  These are most easily obtained from the Weekly heroic story mission unlocked after reaching Rank 13 with Fynch, the vendor of Savathun’s Throne World.  The Catalyst provides a nice bump in stability, reload speed, and every poison kill returns ammo into the magazine.

I hope that this guide has been helpful.  Be sure to reach out on Twitter with any questions, or send me a Bungie Friend Request so we can play together!  I also host a weekly podcast with my fireteam, Conqueror’s Corner, available on Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast services if you’d like to learn more.