How To Build a Kitgun – Best Kitgun Builds

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Kitguns have been in the game for a while, introduced way back with the Fortuna update. The combinations and stuff are so complicated that a beginner might get overwhelmed. Kitguns have around 256 combinations that can vary with the change of each and every part. We have already written about the best weapons in the game, but Kitguns might also be something that you can use for end-game content.

The great thing about Kitguns is their customization; they can be shotguns, beams, explosive autos, or whatever suits you best.

Understanding Kitguns

All Kitguns comprises three parts; Chamber, Grip and the Loader. Below are the number of these things available in the game:

  • Chambers: 4
  • Grips: 4
  • Loaders: 16

These things can make up to 256 combinations that you can try, with adjustment of each and everything. From crit to stats, from attack speed to reload speed. Let’s understand what all of these things do to your weapons

  • Chambers: The chamber defines how the weapon fires, or the firing style
  • Grips: Grips affect important stats such as range, rate-of-fire, and damage
  • Loaders: These affect the status chance, crit chance, magazine size and reload speed of a gun.

Gun Types

Name Gun Type
RATTLEGUTS Automatic Hitscan
TOMBFINGER Semi-Auto Explosive

How To Build The Right Gun

Everything that you are building will be dependent on the configuration. For example if you are going for a crit build; loaders such as Killstream and Splat might be your choice. Whereas, if you want to do a status build Ramflare and Flutterfire will be your go-to choice.

Depending on your weapon of choice, you’ll have to find the right fire rate and clip size. For a shotgun, you need less ammo but more damage, while a status based weapon will need a good status chance and large mag size, for proccing status effects.

Best for Status: Rattleguts + Gibber + Ramflare

Best for Crit: Tombfinger + Haymaker + Splat

Thanks to framemastery for the image.

Custom Builds

Custom builds are all about doing testing by yourself, but there are so many resources available on the web that you can try out, so that makes it easy. You can try the semlar’s kitgun calculator or this document created by Reddit user for best builds and configurations.

I will be looking for your build, if you have any in the comment section below.

My best builds are:

  • Catchmoon + Haymaker + Killstream (Shotgun) – Crit based shotgun
  • Catchmoon + Haymaker + Flutterfire (Shotgun) – Status based similar to Arca Plasmor.

I was overwhelmed at first when I went to the vendor and saw all this information, I tried finding out information on the web, Reddit forums, and warframe forums. But everything was a tad bit complicated for me, but thanks to a few videos and YouTubers I was finally able to understanding. This guide will explain it better in an easy way. A detailed guide with proper mod setup will also be posted shortly after this guide is published, stay tuned for that one.

I hope this made it easy for you.