Empire Hunt and Rewards This Week – Destiny 2

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Empire Hunts were added with the latest Beyond Light Expansion. The Hunt changes every week along with the modifiers and rewards. In this article, we will cover everything that you need to know about Empire Hunt This Week.

How To Complete Them?

Similar to every activity in Destiny 2, you have to take down a few enemies and a big boss to complete the activity. However, the Empire Hunt costs 40 Herealways Pieces, you can farm these by completing bounties from Variks and activities on Europa.

Currently, there are three hunts available; The Warrior, The Dark Priestess, and The Technocrat. The hunts for all of these enemies is a little different as there is a storyline a player must complete.

What are Empire Hunts?

Europa, the home to Variks The Loyal, will offer you various pursuits throughout the campaign, one of the activities he offers is called Empire Hunts. After completing Defeat the Dark Priestess, you will get to choose three Empire Hunts from Variks. Similar to the Wanted Bounties offered by the Spider at Tangled Shore, these are short quests where you have to hunt down a powerful enemy/boss.

Empire Hunt This Week

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  • The Warrior
  • Rewards mentioned below

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That’s all for the Empire Hunt This week.