V Rising Illusion Abilities Guide

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Illusion isn’t the steadiest a reliable subject, however, several of its powers truly do involve conjuring illusions, as the name recommends. Illusion capacities are one of the abilities available in V Rising. This collection of skills allows you to conjure numerous illusions. This skill set allows you to create a variety of illusions. You can mix and match talents from many categories, so you’re not limited to just one. However, having illusion powers allows you to be far more powerful.

V Rising Illusion Abilities

Mist transformer:

After attacking the block for 1.5 seconds, teleport to the mouse target. Blocks the attack for 1.5 seconds before teleporting to the target position of the mouse. Weapon method 1 will also be reset. Great for ax-like weapons that do explosive damage with the first technique.

Spectral Assassin:

Summons an assassin that deals + 125% magic damage to the range of effect.  Summons Spectral Assassins in the designated area, dealing 125% magic damage and knocking back enemies. Spectral Assassin does this multiple times, reducing the damage done to all enemies hit for 5 seconds. Useful for distracting aggro and attacking multiple enemies in tight situations. 

Spectral Wolf: 

Fires a projectile, dealing 100% magic damage on impact and reducing damage for 5 seconds by 30%. It will leap to two adjacent enemies, but the damage will be greatly reduced. Even if you’re dealing with a small number of enemies primarily in PvP, that’s an advantage. + Summons a projectile that deals 100% magic damage and reduces the damage dealt by 30% for 5 seconds. 

Illusion Veil: 

Dash in any direction and disappear for 2.2 seconds. During this time, use another 25 mages. Dash in the direction of movement and disappear for 2.2 seconds. While being cloaked, the first primary attack deals 25% more damage. This also creates an illusion at the launch site that launches a projectile that deals 40% magic damage. While invisible, using the Illusion Veil will be the first illusion, creating another illusion in the previous position. 

Mirror Strike (Ultimate): 

Charges forward and deals 600% magic damage. Damage is distributed to all enemies affected by the strike.  Dash forward and damage enemies in the target area. It deals a total of 600% magic damage, which splits into all affected enemies (that is, each of the two enemies takes 300% damage). It also weakens the attacked enemy by 30% for 5 seconds. 

Spectral Guardian:

Summon a Spectral Guardian to your location, protect your friends with 125% of your spell power, and attack with melee attacks. AOE deals 125% more damage at the same cost. It lasts for 7 seconds, and shields allies every 1.5 seconds. 

This is a list of fantasy abilities in this game. For more information, see Blood Abilities and Holy Abilities.