How to get Servants in V Rising

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

Every vampire needs a henchman, and in this game, the players can also have servants of their own. Players can get multiple servants to tend their castles. The servants can be equipped and commanded for certain tasks. They can collect resources for you even when offline.

How to get Servants

In order to get servants, you must first have completed the tutorial and build a Servant Coffin. This requires 16 planks, 8 copper bars, and 1 Greater Blood Essence. After crafting the Servant Coffin, you will unlock the Dominating Presence Ability. This ability can be used on any human or humanoid creatures with at least 30% life points (not including bosses and elite leveled enemies). The creature subdued by the Dominating Presence ability will then be under your control. At this point, the creature will then follow your character blindly, you must then bring it to your base and put the creature in the Servants Coffin, then you will now have your very own henchman.

How to give orders to your Servant

Your new henchman will be roaming around your base to defend it against invaders. To give specific orders, you must first craft a Throne. This requires 24 stone bricks, 16 iron ingots, and 4 Greater Blood Essence. Once the Throne is built, you can interact with it and it will reveal the Map. All areas you have previously explored before the building of the Throne will be shown on the Map.
With the map opened, you can set a target for 1 to 3 servants and start a mission. The better equipped the servant, the higher chance of a successful mission. Take note that servants can die during a mission, so it is best to equip them well. A timer can also be set on how long you want your henchmen to be on the move. The longer they travel, the more loot they gather.